It’s summer time once again and with the bright sunshine and warm weather you can be sure that the festival season is well under way. Festivals seem to draw weird and wonderful people from all over to join in the fun, singing and dancing. Make sure your festival goes without a hitch with the Festival Weekend Survival Kit.

This kit features pretty much everything you will need for a weekend music festival, from things to keep you clean to protection from the sun and groupies. The kit comes in a handy plastic carry case that fits snugly into your bag or even some pockets. Make sure you are prepared and don’t leave for the festival until you have packed the essential Festival Weekend Survival Kit!


You need to survive festivals to really appreciate them
You need to survive festivals to really appreciate them

Pack Contains:

• Glow Stick
• Energy Slabs
• Condom
• Sun Cream
• Mints
• Ear Plugs
• Toothbrush
• Toothpaste
• Deodorant Wipe
• Refreshing Wipe
• Mosquito Wipe
• Plasters
• Emergency Tissues



  • Blkmmba

    serious question: what size condom?? none of that one size fits all crap. haha im sorry edit i have nothing else to do at 12:30 am.

  • TheEditor

    Er, they are huge size. Yes, these packs are only for really well hung guys – none of this ‘slightly above average’ crap.

    So, how many shall I put you down for?

  • oxo

    elephant size? :P… im more intrigued to the toothpaste 😀 wonder if its just white or if if it has like the red/blue gel in it. hmmmmm

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