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At last January has passed its ugly, miserable little self into the history books. Payday has come and its time to spend some money! So with that in mind we have some big discounts on products in our February Sale section. We have selected an eclectic range of products for you all with a great range of discounts.

Karabiner Torch & CompassChristina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Desert IslandDry Pipe - Tentacles

Pakoh - Television Glass SlideG-Spot - Giant Ice Cylinder Bong 5.0A-non T-shirts Made in the 80sVolcano Vaporiser DigitalBrandon Martin Electroformed Heady PipeCap'n Crunk Glass Tube With Slide & DomeDephect T-shirts - B Movie (Olive)DMC T-shirts - Technics / Spiderman (Red)


i-Dragon VaporizerHoward Marks - Senor Nice (Paperback)King Size Paper Case - DollarLive Free Heady Glass BubblerMini Smoking Gift Set - Jamaican FlagKitchen Scales - 100 GramsMy Weigh Palmscale 5.0 - 200g x 0.1gSchmitz - Disc Glass Bubbler

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