Game On – VapeXhale Cloud Evo Lays Down Challenge To Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer from Storz & Bickel has, for many years, reigned supreme over the desktop vaporizer market.

Volcano Vaporiser Digital

It is easily the sleekest, best-built, best performing home vaporizer – a yardstick by which all other desktop vaps should be measured.

Although there are many other desktop vapes available, none of the offerings can hold a candle to the Volcano.  Until now.  It’s just possible that the team at VapeXhale have created a challenger to the Volcano’s crown – the VapeXhale Cloud Evo.

The VapeXhale Cloud Evo is the new, improved version of VapeXhale’s original Cloud vaporizer.  The improvements on the original model are many and various and appear to have made a massive difference.


Firstly, the VapeXhale Cloud Evo features an all-glass vapour pathway – a simple, but often overlooked feature that positively ensures pure, clean vapour thanks to the inert, non-reactive nature of glass.

Secondly, the Cloud Evo is equipped with an advanced convection heating system which the manufacturers call Perpetuheat (PHS).

Basically, the Perpetuheat system ensures that vaping temperature is consistent, irrespective of changes in airflow.  That means that you can inhale from the VapeXhale Cloud Evo however you wish.  There is no fiddly technique to learn with the Cloud Evo; rip on it like a bong or sip on it like a fine wine – you’ll get exactly the same results – thick, milky vapour bursting with natural flavours.  The improved system also delivers faster heat up times, fully adjustable temperatures and the versatility to vaporize both dry herbs and flowers as well as wax, oils and sticky concentrates.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer With Tree Perc HydraTube

Best of all, the VapeXhale Cloud Evo is compatible with a choice of glass mouthpiece attachments.  Whereas the Volcano is designed for use with a balloon, the Cloud Evo’s glass-on-glass joint can fit a standard glass mouthpiece attachment, or any of the optional Hydrotube glass water attachments.  The VapeXhale offers an unrivalled coolness and smoothness of vapour when used with a water bubbler attachment.

Not since the launch of the Volcano a few years back has there been such a leap forward in vaping technology.  The Cloud Evo is built by vapers, for vapers – a true connoisseur’s choice for a desktop vaporizer.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer With Sidecar Circ Perc HydraTube

The VapeXhale Cloud Evo comes packaged as a complete kit which includes everything you’ll need to start vaping straight away, including your choice of glass Hydrotube.  As usual, when you buy the VapeXhale from EDIT you’ll get free shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

Opinicus 9 – Californian Art Glass Now At EDIT

Opinicus 9 are another American art glass company that we came across on one of our many recent visits to the US as we continue to embark on our largest purchasing campaign ever.

We’ve been attending trade shows and glass exhibitions all over America as we search for the finest glass smoking products to bring home to the EDIT website.

Opinicus 9 - Classic Frit SpoonOpinicus 9 - Clear Satellite Honey Roller Oil Rig

Based in San Diego, California, Opinicus 9 are a family run glass company with some serious glassblowing talent at their disposal.

Using the finest American borosilicate glass, the Opinicus 9 team have crafted this range of beautiful glass oil rigs and spoon pipes aimed at connoisseur smokers and glass collectors.

Opinicus 9 - Fumed Satellite Honey Roller Oil Rig

The Opinicus 9 Fumed Satellite Honey Roller Oil Rig looks an absolute picture with the frosted glass honeycomb work and fumed accents on the diffuser, dome and mouthpiece.  Standing just 21cm tall, the Honey Roller is equipped with an integrated diffuser downstem which cools and smoothes the smoke or oil vapour by breaking the mixture up and increasing the surface area.  The water in the chamber bubbles up as you inhale, again providing a cooling filtration effect.  The resultant hit is smooth, cool and bursting with flavours, untainted by the pure inert glass.  A real discerning smoker’s piece from an emerging glass studio with a very bright future.

Opinicus 9 - Rasta Lion Frit Spoon

The Rasta Lion Frit Spoon Pipe is a quality glass hand pipe with iconic styling.  The pipe is made by pouring crushed glass or frit into the spoon while the glass is still hot.  This technique is what creates the remarkable finish that you see on Opinicus 9 frit pipes.  The pipe is perfectly smooth to the touch but has the fritted effect sealed underneath the outer layer of the pipe.  Each pipe is equipped with a carb hole or rush hole to help you get the most from each hit.

There is an entire range of Opinicus 9 glass available to buy from EDIT immediately.  All the glass oil rigs are available with free worldwide shipping, same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

American Beauty – Stunning Glass Oil Rigs From Across The Pond

Team EDIT have spent a good amount of time in the USA over the last few months.  We’ve been visiting glass shows and trade exhibitions left, right and centre as we embark on the largest purchasing campaign we’ve ever undertaken.

We’re stocking up the EDIT shelves with the hottest new products that are being used by connoisseur smokers in states like Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

Newport Zero Jumbo Butane Torch

The biggest difference between the US and the European cultures is perhaps the meteoric rise of the dabbing and oil scene in the USA.

Discerning American smokers have fully embraced the concept of wax, oils and other sticky concentrates.  This shift in smoking style has spawned a whole new raft of specialist glassware designed specifically for use with concentrates and essential oils.

Grav Labs - Box Perc Bubbler Black Accents - Grav Gold CollectionSidecar Shower Head Perc Oil Rig - Dr GreenThumbDab Vac - Headdies Glass

The speed with which the American market has become littered with this specialist glass is indicative of two things:  firstly, that the 710 generation is unquestionably here to stay, and secondly that the American appetite for heady and scientific glass has encouraged some frankly, astonishing leaps in design that have resulted in some of the most amazing glass pieces we have ever seen.

Naturally, we’ve brought as much of this glass back to EDIT HQ to allow our beloved EDIT-Heads the chance to own a piece of genuine American art glass without needing to order from overseas.

Hitman Glass - Baby Turbine Sundae Cup Oil Rig With Black Lip

Our latest acquisitions include a selection of beautifully made oil rigs from Hitman Glass.  The unique styling of Hitman Glass is sure to make each piece a talking point as soon as it comes to the table.  With cutting edge percolation methods like the proprietary Brilliance Turbine perc, the Hitman range is made from the finest borosilicate glass at the Hitman Glass studio in California.

We’re offering free shipping on the entire Hitman range.  Order today for same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

The Keg Inline Perc Recycler Rig - Gravity Hill Glass

Also new in is the insanely beautiful collection from Gravity Hill Glass.  Again, this range is hand made in California by a small, dedicated team.  Top quality borosilicate glass is used in every piece to ensure ultimate strength and heat resistance.  The Gravity Hill range features advanced scientific designs with integrated percolators working in tandem with recycler systems to produce glass worthy of the most discerning smoker.  Again, each piece is subject to our free shipping offer and can be shipped same-day on orders placed before 4:20pm GMT.

Buy scientific American glass dab rigs from EDIT – The world’s largest headshop.

Team EDIT At Spannabis – Sunday – Day 3

Episode 3/3 – Adiós Y Gracias

So, the final day of Spannabis 2015 is upon us.  Sunday is traditionally the day of huge price reductions as stall holders attempt to clear their stock to avoid having to ship it all home again.

Sunday is also the day of the award ceremonies, which were held at 7pm on the outdoor stage.  DNA Genetics’ Tangie clinched top spot again – Team EDIT were so impressed with the Tangie we even bought T-shirts to honour this most special of sativas.

Before leaving the show, we had a final walk around just in case we had missed anything: we had.  We ran into the guys from Nexus Glass and saw their superb glass concentrate bubblers – stay tuned to the blog and social media for more on that very soon.

We visited the Silika Glass stand to check out their new lines; these guys have some incredible looking glass – dab rigs in the style of champagne bottles, honey bee themed oil rigs with beautifully made glass bee decorations – it’s all just so pretty.  Stay tuned to EDIT – Silika glassware coming very soon.

The evening, and indeed the whole experience was topped off by the electric atmosphere of El Clasico – FC Barcelona v Real Madrid, which just happened to coincide with the last day of Spannabis.

The bars and restaurants of the city were humming with excitement as football mad Spaniards enjoyed the world’s biggest club game.

Like so much else this week, Barcelona emerged victorious.  An incredible event, by incredible people in an incredible city.  We can’t wait for Spannabis 2016!

All New Vapes And Accessories

A number of new portable vaporizers and pipes have arrived here at EDIT over the last few weeks as we continue to expand our product range and bring you the latest, greatest new gadgets.


The Vapium Summit really captured our imagination when it arrived at EDIT HQ last week.  This portable dry herb vaporizer is specifically designed for use in the great outdoors.  The Summit features eight adjustable temperature settings, haptic feedback vibration, rapid one hour charge times, and magnetic snap-shut panels to allow for easy cleaning.

Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer - Sage Green

All these design features are geared towards making the Summit the perfect travelling companion for the vaping connoisseur.  Vapium’s Summit comes packaged as a complete kit including everything you’ll need to get started vaping.  This new portable vap is available now in your choice of three natural colours.

Pyptek - Prometheus Pocket

We first came across Pyptek when we were over in the USA on a purchasing mission.  Team EDIT visited a number of industry shows, and we did not return empty handed.  As well as a huge selection of new American glass tubes and bongs, we picked up these glass and aluminium pipes at a show in Denver, Colorado.  Made from premium quality borosilicate glass, the Pyptek Prometheus pipes are encased in an aerospace-grade aluminium exoskeleton which, as well as looking cool, protects the pipes from bumps and knocks.  The Pyptek pipes are compatible with a huge range of bolt-on attachments, allowing use with titanium nails and other concentrate kits.  We currently have the Pyptek Prometheus Nano one hitter pipe and the Pyptek Prometheus Pocket pipe in stock in a range of stylish colours.

For customers considering purchasing a new vaporizer, we have put together this concise Vaporizer Buyer’s Guide to assist you in your choice.  We cover desktop and portable vapes and explain the different methods of vaporization so you can pick out the right vape for you.

Don’t forget, all orders made before 4:20pm GMT are shipped same-day and we still offer our famous price match guarantee, so you’ll always know you’re getting the best deal with EDIT.

Free Munchies With Every Order Through March

Hey, EDIT-Heads!  Spring is in the air and once again, we’re running our ever-popular March Munchies promo!

Simply make any purchase from the site throughout March and we’ll throw in a pack of Haribo munchies absolutely free!

There is no better time to be buying from the world’s largest headshop – the new products just keep coming – with new arrivals from Vapium, Hive Ceramics and Hemp Hookahzz.

There’s some awesome new American glass from Dr Greenthumb – a new elite glass company set up by B-Real of Cypress Hill fame.  We have new glass pipes from Pyptek that are capable of accommodating some weird and wonderful attachments.  And don’t forget to check out the new Dab Vac from Headdies – dabbing may never be the same!

We also have a huge range of products that benefit from massive discounts in our clearance sale.  With discounts of up to 70%, you’ll find vaporizers, bongs, grinders and more at great value prices.

Our latest newsletter will be sent out very shortly – why not sign up to receive monthly updates?  As well as news on all the latest new products, we even send you a new DISCOUNT CODE each month so you can make even bigger savings.

The latest new products, huge savings of up to 70%, discount codes for members and free munchies with every order?  It can only be EDIT – your favourite headshop.

Last Chance To Show Us The Love!

February is drawing to a close, EDIT-Heads – this Saturday will mark the end of both our extended Valentine’s Day Price Massacre clearance sale, and the end of our #ILoveEDIT Twitter competition.

Thousands of customers have snapped up amazing deals in the Price Massacre clearance and it’s not too late for you to do the same.  There are still hundreds of products available in the sale with huge discounts of up to 70%!  Bag yourself a cut-price glass bong, herb grinder or vaporizer before close of business on Saturday to take advantage of our sale.

Our #ILoveEDIT Twitter competition is your chance to win an amazing Roor Custom Little Sista – Big Brother glass waterpipe.  For your chance to win, simply follow us on Twitter @EDIT_Tweets and tweet us a picture of your recent purchase or favourite piece with the hashtag #ILoveEDIT.  The deadline for entries is 5pm GMT on Saturday 28th February.

We’ll choose a winner at random from all the entries throughout February and post the result on Monday 2nd March 2015 on Facebook and Twitter.  Good luck to all entrants!

And finally: we’ve given the EDIT Instagram page an overhaul of late.  Why not check out our new look feed with quality images of all the latest products?  You can find us on Instagram at everyonedoesitheadshop.  Give us a follow to stay updated with all the latest new products and news from our friends and colleagues in the industry.

Hello, My Name Is Dr. GreenThumb……….

…….I’d like to tell you just where I’m from.

So says legendary Cypress Hill frontman, B-Real, in the lyric to Dr. Greenthumb; a song from the band’s 1998 album, Cypress Hill IV.

The song tells the darkly humourous story of Dr. Greenthumb – B-Real’s fictional, cannabis smoking, weed-growing alter-ego.  Whether B-Real would ever have guessed that some 17 years after the song’s release he’d be launching his own range of scientific glass bongs and oil rigs, we don’t know, but we’re certainly glad he has!

Manufactured in the United States from Schott-Duran premium quality borosilicate glass, the Dr. GreenThumb Glass Works range is designed with the committed, discerning smoker in mind.  It is obvious just looking at this beautiful glassware that an awful lot of thought has been put into the designs. With advanced percolators including donut crumbler frit percs, showerhead percs and honeycomb percs, the Dr Greenthumb range is built to give the user the ultimate smoking experience and years of service, thanks to the excellent build quality.  Each piece in the Dr Greenthumb range is decorated with the cool Dr GreenThumb logo in striking green print and finished with the iconic green thumb print logo that leaves you in no doubt you are looking at a genuine Dr GreenThumb Glassworks product.

Mega Puck Grande 4 Arm Diffuser Perc Oil Rig - Dr GreenThumb

The Mega Puck Grande Diffuser Perc Oil Rig is the largest rig in the first batch of Dr Greenthumb glass to arrive.  With it’s huge barrel style chamber and ornate vapour dome, the Mega Puck will certainly be a talking point when you bring it to the table for you buddies to admire.  Inside, the rig is equipped with a 4-arm diffuser with frit or crumbler percolators providing the smoothing action.  The piece is designed for use with 18.8mm slides or concentrate nails – the large capacity chamber and advanced percolation method will deliver cool, smooth hits all night long…… you take hits from the bong.

Sidecar Honeycomb Perc Oil Rig - Dr GreenThumb

From the largest of the new Dr Greenthumb rigs to the smallest: the Sidecar Honeycomb Perc Oil Rig.  Standing just 14cm in height, this mini oil rig makes the perfect travel companion for those who like to dab and go.  Just like the rest of the Dr Greenthumb Glass Works range, this piece is made from 5mm thick borosilicate glass and is finished with the awesome Greenthumb styling.  The Sidecar Oil Rig has an integrated honeycomb percolator which breaks up oil vapour for a smooth, cool toke.  This stunning glass rig comes complete with a 10mm quartz glass concentrate nail so you’re ready to start dabbing straight away.

Dr Greenthumb glass is available to buy from EDIT immediately.  Don’t forget: orders over £100 benefit from free worldwide shipping, as well as our standard same day dispatch and price match guarantee.

EDIT Valentine’s Day Price Massacre

Love is in the air, EDIT-Heads!  And here at EDIT HQ, we’re showing you the love with HUGE discounts over hundreds of products from all over the site.

We’re offering FREE Worldwide shipping on all orders until close of business today (9/2/15) so you can order your romantic gifts in plenty of time, without paying the shipping costs.

As well as saving money on shipping, we have slashed prices on a variety of products that would make ideal gifts for that special smoker in your life:

Roor Bong Custom Icemaster 5mm - Jah Rasta

German glass masters, Roor, are a byword for top quality glass smoking apparatus.  With appropriate maintenance, a Roor tube will last the lucky owner a lifetime, such is the quality of glass and the skill of the lampworkers who make the bongs.

The Jah Rasta Custom Icemaster is a tall, straight tube standing 55cm in height on a sturdy, round base.  Constructed from 5mm thick borosilicate glass, this beautiful bong is a real treat to look at; the bowl and mouthpiece are elaborately decorated with coloured glass beads and embellishments.  The top of the tube features glass bubbles just above the main decal – a large RooR logo printed down the tube in bold rasta colours.  The tube is equipped with ice notches which allow you to place ice cubes inside the bong for a super frosty hit.  This superb quality glass tube is going to be a real talking point for whoever snaps it up – not least because they’ll be able to boast of buying it with a saving of £191.41!  That’s 38% off!  Bargain!

My Weigh Palmscale 8 Advance - Digital Weighing Scales (800g x 0.1g)Hand-Made Pure Vegetable Soap - Hemp & Scrub Effect

Our Cheap Gifts section is full of products that we think will make excellent offerings without breaking the bank.  Check out the range of hemp-based soaps and cosmetics.  We have heavily discounted rolling boxes and storage containers.  Cheap digital scales and rolling trays and much, much more.

Whatever you buy your beloved this Valentine’s Day, may we be the first to wish you all the very best.  Stay tunes to EDIT for the best deals, the latest products and the cheapest shipping options.  Why not sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed of our latest offers before they happen?  You also get exclusive members discount codes each month to make even bigger savings on the site.

Phoenician Engineering Shake Up Grinder Market

Phoenician Engineering are an all-American manufacturer, based just outside of Phoenix, Arizona.  Their company ethos is to produce the finest quality smoking accessories using American designs, materials and labour.


Phoenician’s first foray into the marketplace is this awesome new range of aluminium herb grinders that are set to really shake up the competition.

Black 4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter 60mm - Phoenician Engineering

Made using aerospace grade 6061 aluminium, a Phoenician grinder is built to extremely narrow tolerances, sort of like you would expect for medical equipment.  After machining, each grinder undergoes a de-burring procedure which removes 100% of rough or sharp edges before the pieces are anodized to give the smooth, tactile finish.  Each grinder is then laser etched with its own unique serial number and date of manufacture for traceability and authenticity.

Phoenician Engineering - Blue 4-Piece Herb Grinder Sifter 60mm

The finished grinders are unlike anything we have ever seen before in terms of design.  Featuring patent-pending diametrically cut teeth, Phoenician grinders are capable of shredding herbs and tobacco rapidly and with minimal effort from the user.  The thread-less quick notch locking system means that the grinder comes apart and fixes back together with a simple twist.  These two features combined make a Phoenician grinder an excellent choice for those with restricted movement or pain in the hands and wrists.

These herb grinders are available to buy from EDIT straight away in a variety of different colours and in three different sizes.  As usual, we are offering same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee on every purchase.