Talkin ‘Bout My E-Generation: Gourmet E-Liquids From The USA

Los Angeles based e-liquid company, E-Generation, are making quite a name for themselves with vaping connoisseurs from across the pond and now closer to home in the UK.

As the technology in e-cigarettes and vaporizer pens improves, companies like E-Generation have begun producing premium quality e liquids and e juice for the discerning customer who now demands more than just a nicotine-infused throat-hit.

Vaping flavoured e liquid has rapidly become an exact science – users are discovering that one of the keys to making the permanent switch from tobacco to vaping is finding the combination of the right e-cig and the perfect flavour of e-juice.

Of course, this combination differs from person to person, but here at EDIT, we have made it our mission to amass as many premium quality e-juices as possible to allow you EDIT-Heads to choose from the best flavours on the market.

We have acquired a selection of e juice from E-Generation:

Fix E-Liquid - Strawberry

Black Label E-Liquid - Brown Sugar

Kings Barrel E-Liquid - Kings Henchman

All the E-Generation liquids are made with a 60/40% ratio of kosher grade Propylene Glycol (PG) to Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and contain only USP (United States Pharmacopeia) nicotine.  The e-liquids are available in a variety of nicotine strengths to suit every preference, and come packaged in clear glass bottles with a handy dropper integrated into the bottle top.

As the price of cigarettes continues to skyrocket, there really is no better time to be making the switch from smoking to e-cigarettes.  Browse our full range of e liquids today and find the perfect flavour for you.

Best Ever Savings With EDIT’s GOSH January Sale

Well, EDIT-Heads, Christmas is now behind us and the beardy man has gone back North to refill his sack ready for next time.

Here at EDIT HQ we are having a HUGE clearance sale to make room for all the new stock which will be arriving throughout 2015.

Our January GOSH sale stands for Great Offers Start Here and EDIT-Heads – this is no joke.  This is easily the biggest sale we have ever launched, featuring hundreds and hundreds of products including vaporizers, glass pipes, tubes and bongs, grinders, shishas and much more, all with massive savings:

15" Beaker Glass Bongs by Headdies

This 15” Beaker Bong from Headdies is made in the USA from premium quality borosilicate glass.  Featuring an integrated diffuser, ice notches and a 22 carat GOLD Headdies logo, this is a beautiful bong, fit for any connoisseur.  Right now, it’s just £45.85 in the GOSH sale – a saving of 52%!

JT-2 Scales - 350

These large digital scales are capable of weighing up to 350g loads with incredible accuracy.  Ideal for the kitchen or for jewellery.  Right now, we are offering a 43% saving on these pans, saving you £18.19!  Order today before we sell out.

Christina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Lady With Necklace

This glass Sherlock pipe from U.S. lampworker, Christina Cody is now better than half price at just £112.18.  Cody’s glass pieces are highly prized in the States for their unique designs and incredible quality.  Here’s your chance to grab one at an unbelievable price.

The entire GOSH section contains all of our discounted products in one place.  Feel free to browse – you’re sure to find yourself a bargain.  And remember; you still get same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee on every purchase and FREE shipping on orders over £99.

EDIT Launches BIG Christmas Giveaway

Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to announce that our amazing Christmas Giveaway promotion starts today!

726x208 Xmas Giveaway

To be in with a chance of winning, simply make any purchase from EDIT during December for free entry into our prize draw.

One lucky winner will win over £2k worth of prizes in EDIT’s largest ever giveaway – a prize pot containing more than 30 individual products!

The full list of prizes is as follows:

The winner will be selected at random from every single purchase throughout December.  We will announce the winner on 2/1/15 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

This is by far the biggest prize pack we have ever given away – a full complement of products from every corner of the world’s largest headshop.

Good luck to everyone!

Puffit X Brings Advanced Tabletop Technology To Portable Vaporizer Market

The recent explosion in the popularity of e-cigs and e-liquid vaporizers has been a real wake-up call for many smokers.  The prohibitive price of cigarettes, the draconian segregation that smokers must endure in public places, the media-led social stigmas of smoking and the incessant whining and affected coughs of non-smokers all pale into insignificance as reasons why people are quitting when compared to the advent of e-cigarettes and vaporizers.

When portable vaporizers arrived on the scene a few years ago, the vast majority of models were designed for nicotine-infused e-liquids, created to help smokers quit the habit while slowly weaning them off the nicotine.  Before long,  herbal smoking enthusiasts spotted an opportunity – portable vaporizers designed for use with dry herbal aromatherapy blends or waxy oils and concentrates.

Predictably, this precipitated a glut of hastily produced vaporizers flooding the market very quickly; some worked, some didn’t.  Some were really cheap, some were really expensive, but what they all had in common was the delivery method:  Almost without exception, the first portable herbal vaporizers used exposed coils or heating chambers that were not capable of ‘true’ vaporization and instead burned or combusted the contents of the chamber meaning that the user was inhaling harmful toxins and particulates, rendering the whole exercise pointless – they may as well have been smoking.

PUFFiT-X Portable Vaporizer - Purple

Slowly, technology has improved and portable vaporizers have evolved to meet the needs of herbal connoisseurs who demand that their device produces clean, non-toxic vapour, free from carcinogens and particulates and bursting with the natural herbal flavours and active ingredients.  Discretion too, is now almost as important as functionality – now that the technology has caught up, people are now using vaporizers as their primary method of enjoying their favourite herbal blends at home, and also while out and about.  Clearly, herbal vaporizers had to be developed that could be used virtually anywhere without attracting any unwanted attention.  The original Puffit vaporizer was one such model.  Designed to resemble an asthma inhaler, the Puffit was a big hit with vapour connoisseurs, and now it’s back, and better than ever:

PUFFiT-X Portable Vaporizer - Green

The PUFFiT X retains the same styling as its predecessor – it is virtually indistinguishable from an asthma inhaler.  Small and compact, the PUFFiT X can easily be slipped into a pocket or handbag when not in use, making it ideal for use when you’re on your travels.

PUFFiT-X Portable Vaporizer - Green

Unlike the original, The PUFFiT X actually achieves true vaporization.  By harnessing the forced air system found in the very top-end table top vaporizers like the Volcano, the PUFFiT X produces true vapour in a device that fits in the palm of your hand.  Hot air is forced over your herbs by way of a small fan inside the PUFFiT X.  The 3-stage temperature control ensures that this air is always at the perfect temperature to vaporize your herbal blends with zero combustion, producing thick clouds of tasty herbal vapour, free from toxins and other undesirable contaminants.

The PUFFiT X comes as a complete kit which includes the vaporizer itself, USB and wall chargers, cleaning wipes and a host of spare screens and mouthpiece covers all packaged together in a stylish, hard-wearing carry case.  The PUFFiT X represents a leap forward in portable vaporizer technology, and here at EDIT, we’re very confident that the vaping community is going to love it.

The PUFFiT X is available today from the world’s largest headshop with free shipping, same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

New Disposable E-Cigarettes From eKarma

The recent surge in popularity of E-cigarettes and vaporizers has seen a huge number of new products make it to the marketplace – each with different benefits, different drawbacks and a different price tag.

eKarma Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Regular

Now, eKarma, have released the eCig – an e-cigarette that delivers the equivalent amount of nicotine vapour to 40 real cigarettes.


The eKarma E-Cig is different to most other e-cigarettes in that it was developed not by electronics engineers looking to cash in on the vapour craze, but by an actual tobacco company, looking to offer a genuine alternative to conventional smoking.

eKarma Disposable Electronic Cigarette - Light

The eKarma e-cig looks and feels more like a real cigarette.  It weighs less than other e-cigs; because it is disposable it doesn’t need recharge tech or ports.  The eKarma is safer, too.  Most e-cigarettes draw the vapour over the battery – a potentially hazardous system should the battery ever leak.  The eKarma has a separate battery compartment, isolating the vapour from the source of any possible contamination.  The thick vapour produced by the eKarma gives the user a realistic sensation of a real cigarette, filling the lungs for a satisfying drag.

Each eKarma e-cig delivers the equivalent of 40+ regular cigarettes in nicotine vapour, after which the e-cig is discarded like a regular cigarette.  No refilling, no charging, simply replace with a new e-cig when needed.

Available in two different nicotine strengths – regular and light, the eKarma e-cig is available from at the bargain price of just £4.95.

E-Cigs And E-Liquids Land At

We’re now 4 months into 2014 and I can confidently say that there have been more than a few New Year’s resolutions broken over here at EDIT HQ.

Diets have been forgotten, gyms have not been attended, and the office gofer still hasn’t made a decent brew.  Quitting smoking, though?  That’s even tougher, surely?

Then the new range of Jasper and Jasper Disposable Nano E cigarettes arrived for inspection.

Nano Disposable E Cigarettes by Jasper and Jasper

Designed to mimic an actual cigarette, these e-cigs are available in a range of strengths from 6mg nicotine for the light smoker, through to 16mg for the heavier user.  Available in menthol or standard tobacco flavours, the Nano even has a soft tip so it feels like a real cigarette in your mouth.  Each one is approximately equivalent to a deck of 20 normal cigs, and just look at our launch prices on this revolutionary new line.

If you’ve quit or are thinking of giving up cigarettes, help is at hand.  The Nano disposable E cigarette from Jasper and Jasper is a great tool to make the struggle of quitting easier.

…..Also in with the new stock……..

Go Shisha E-Liquid 0mg Nicotine

A new range of flavoured e-liquids from Go Shisha!  10ml refill bottles are now available in exotic flavours but familiar EDIT low prices.

Go Shisha E-Liquid 24mg Nicotine

The refills are suitable for use with your favourite refillable vapour pen, E-Cig or E-Shisha.  Choose from our nicotine free range, or, to help with smoking cravings, try 18mg or 24mg nicotine strength.

Go Shisha E-Liquid 18mg Nicotine

No stale breath.

Smoke anywhere legally.

Much healthier than smoking tobacco.

Join the vapour revolution today!

As always, same day dispatch is guaranteed on all products if you place your order before 4:20pm.

Disposable Nano E-cigarettes and Go Shisha E-Liquids from  The help to quit smoking at prices you’ll love.