Best Ever Savings With EDIT’s GOSH January Sale

Well, EDIT-Heads, Christmas is now behind us and the beardy man has gone back North to refill his sack ready for next time.

Here at EDIT HQ we are having a HUGE clearance sale to make room for all the new stock which will be arriving throughout 2015.

Our January GOSH sale stands for Great Offers Start Here and EDIT-Heads – this is no joke.  This is easily the biggest sale we have ever launched, featuring hundreds and hundreds of products including vaporizers, glass pipes, tubes and bongs, grinders, shishas and much more, all with massive savings:

15" Beaker Glass Bongs by Headdies

This 15” Beaker Bong from Headdies is made in the USA from premium quality borosilicate glass.  Featuring an integrated diffuser, ice notches and a 22 carat GOLD Headdies logo, this is a beautiful bong, fit for any connoisseur.  Right now, it’s just £45.85 in the GOSH sale – a saving of 52%!

JT-2 Scales - 350

These large digital scales are capable of weighing up to 350g loads with incredible accuracy.  Ideal for the kitchen or for jewellery.  Right now, we are offering a 43% saving on these pans, saving you £18.19!  Order today before we sell out.

Christina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Lady With Necklace

This glass Sherlock pipe from U.S. lampworker, Christina Cody is now better than half price at just £112.18.  Cody’s glass pieces are highly prized in the States for their unique designs and incredible quality.  Here’s your chance to grab one at an unbelievable price.

The entire GOSH section contains all of our discounted products in one place.  Feel free to browse – you’re sure to find yourself a bargain.  And remember; you still get same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee on every purchase and FREE shipping on orders over £99.

Contacts, without the Ouija board…….

All hallows eve, the mystical and ancient past time where Pagans used to run to the local supermarket a night before, and stock up on sweets for a bunch of random kids wearing Freddy Krueger and Michal Jackson costumes.

Ok, might be slightly over exaggerating there, I mean who’d want to dress up as Freddy?That’s so 1984….

With all the festivities that surround this awesome and ancient night of nights, we all want to look our best, whether out trick or treating with the kids, or at a party sharing a sparkling drink with a non sparkling Vampire.

So suit up, grab your fake blood and come over to our site for an array of contact lenses at your finger tips!


We’ve all contact lenses to suit any style you have, from the Demented to strike some fear into your guests, the Zombie esq to strike some fear into your hosts, and the SPADE CONTACTS to strike terror into your average Motorhead fan!

Whilst on the subject of Halloween, our friends over at EHLE have this stunning LIMITED EDITION Custom “Halloween” special glass bong!


Enjoy it, have a great one and raise the dead!!