Remember the knife hits of high school? Crowding around the stove with your friends, waiting for the tips of some knives to heat up. After you had your scorching tool ready you would press your product between the two butter knife tips, sucking the vapor and filling your lungs with smoke. The days of this old school children’s game are over. Dabbing is a fairly new method of ingesting and gains popularity in the community every day. It’s not just that crazy dance move all the kids are doing. To dab is the act of heating concentrate (wax, shatter, budder) on a quartz or titanium nail, then inhale the vaporous smoke through a rig.

Dabbing is the most efficient way to get up into the ozone. It only takes a small amount of concentrate to feel massive effects immediately. Novice smokers beware as the rush hits you like a sledgehammer, and if you aren’t a seasoned smoker you could be on your bottom napping like a baby within a moment. Unless that is the effect you desire. Dabbing might be just what your doctor literally legally ordered. This powerful dose of medication has helped thousands of AIDs and cancer chemo patients’ lives, easing the effects of symptoms and ensuring mental comfort in tragic times. Overdose is not possible, but you can definitely get too lifted, as tolerance obviously varies from person to person. If you feel too steeped take a moment to yourself, have a drink of water and calm down. No natural inebriated state lasts forever.

The largest risks of dabbing are not connected to the act of smoking at all. The extraction process, when not done professionally can pose grave danger. The method of extracting involves chemistry and although home chemists will always be around harmful explosions can occur, likening the culture to methamphetamine operations. Isolated incidents have flamed the media into a frenzy, blowing the many positive effects out of the water.  Dabbing and the process of imbibing concentrates has nothing to do with harmful drug use. If you know that your product is coming from a knowledgeable creator and pure source, you have nothing to worry about.

Consumers in their 20s are the largest market for this style of absorption. These early a-dab-ters are tech savvy and enjoy being the pioneers of a new frontier of utilization. Concentrates consumption is slowly collecting notoriety in the competitive world as well. High Times and SoCal Medical have concentrate cups, and the phenomena will more than likely catch on larger fire as time passes.

Try it if you’re feeling frisky. You might just fall in dab love.


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