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We’re going to do the draw soon (EDIT: the draw has been done now – click here for results) for the first batch of fans of our Facebook Fan Page. Originally we planned on doing a draw for the first 50, then another draw for the next 50 and so on. However, y’all a bit quick for me and now there’s nearly two hundred of you already! I will soon print off everybody’s names and shove them all into a bag or hat or some such, then have somebody or something draw out some of the names to win some prizes.

The prizes will range from some nice glass pipes like bubblers and spoon pipes, maybe some grinders, t-shirts and whatever else I can convince the owner of the company to let me give away to all you lovely folk out there reading this right now. Yes, you. You’re lovely. I actually have quite a few large acrylic bongs that are going to waste here as well, so they will likely be in the prize pool too.


  • DotonShaft

    I think you’re lovely too Mr.Editor..
    And alvin he said the first 200, so instead of doing 50 at a time, theyre just gonna put more prizes and draw outta 200.

  • TheEditor

    I know the names of who’s won, though i have no ideaif they are regular posters on this blog or not as I only have their facebook names. This bastard computer keeps crashing on me at the moment so I’m having a bit of trouble getting it done today. I will try and pop in tomorrow and get it posted up for everyone, though no promises as Sunday is my Get Legless In The Pub All Day Day.

  • TheEditor

    I hope you are fans of Nicky Blackmarket.

    Actually, I don’t care. I’m going to inflict him upon you anyway.

  • slam

    This blows :/ I’m dumb. I friended TheEditor Everyonedoesit and though it was the fan site.. I was like number 6 or something and thought I was all in like flynn. lol. I just checked that fan site and it’s well over 200!

  • Drew B.

    Hey EDIT! This is the second draw you guys have had that I’ve been eligible for. The other one was the 25,000 (Wish I had a Pound key) which I missed entering twice by two days. Keep it up, these draws are great. My EDIT bracelet never comes off… well almost never. And I preach your name to all my local head shops so they can check out your products and order the products you have that can’t be found elsewhere. Can’t wait for the video.

    A loyal Customer to the bone!


  • Trey

    TheEditor I was wonering if you guys got my new mailing address, I havn’t got an email reply in a few weeks?

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