The new ‘Extreme Q‘ brought to you by ‘Arizer’ is the first and only vaporizer on the market to feature a remote controlled activation system,
this latest version of the Extreme Q has a redesigned temperature control system which is both user friendly and accurate to the degree, ensuring optimal temperatures are achieved.
The new LCD display is crystal clear and the addition of a redesigned fan cooling system means the new Extreme Q Vaporizer is almost silent, so vaping can take place in peace and tranquillity!
The triple heat sensors now ensure that heat dispersion is evenly distributed, and loading to vaping time is minimal. More haste, less waste 😉
But perhaps the most interesting asset of the Extreme Q, is its multi-functionality as it can be used as a vaporizer, a steamer AND a minerals diffuser!!!
Not forgetting the fantastic ‘midnight chrome’ finish, which makes this piece a beauty to behold as well as use.
in short the Extreme Q Vaporizer is not just a top class vap, but could quite possibly be your new best friend…enjoy 😉


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  • Theo

    I have one of these, it’s on and next to me right now. This is definitely up there for one of the best vapes!

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