WINNER UPDATE: Smokey, Jen & nail2r are the winners.

Thank you to everyone who got in touch. Unfortunately six of you (nkrader, KottonMush, 420Downunder, StateSmoker, Theo and the legend that is barrybuttery) all emailed me after I had already videoed the draw. However, I will find something for a booby prize and have an extra special draw for you slowcoaches next week.

Here’s the video. As per usual I am going to make you watch it for the result, thoughΒ I will of course post the winning names up eventually as well.

Thanks again.

These bongs of mine…


  • Jen

    Brilliant!! I can’t believe it, just in time for my birthday on Tues! Thank you EDIT! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  • Admin1

    Birthday girl, ay? I couldn’t have randomly plucked it better! Have a good weekend, Jen. The prize will leave on Monday to arrive on the very Tuesday of your birthday. I’ll have to see what else I can find lying around to put in there for your birthday as well.

  • Admin1

    Yep, some of you entered while I was filming unfortunately.

    Something’s going to happen next week though for the slow ones. I haven’t a clue what though.

  • barrybuttery

    hopefully something nice. I just wished i could of gotten off work earlier for me to make it to the draw in time.

  • Theo

    I think for the slow people’s draw(and only the slow people would be in this draw) you should have WS straight perc. Yea, thats what I think. I also think you should rig it so I win, yea….that would be sweet.

  • Theo

    Forgot to also ask about the special draw for /just/ the old BB housemates, is it going to happen? Have I missed it? What will it be/what was it? Yes, I am greedy, get over it I have a good excuse, I’m jewish and don’t want to pay for anything πŸ˜›

  • barrybuttery

    i agree on that WS straight perc lol, but u should be happy if its anything else no matter what it is. EDIT is being generous enough to be giving away really nice goods for free. so be grateful on that.

  • blkmmba

    6 person draw? damn i wish i would have been late. haha It should be you snooze you lose! on Friday EDIT decided 14 person draw was too little people for a draw, and decided to make it a day longer. i was one of the first ones to email and still lost, but im not complaining. But hey that’s just my observation. cant wait for the next draw!

  • Chris

    Too bad I missed this, though it would have been weird if I won the spiky ice cause I already have one πŸ™‚

  • got rice

    LOL I saw my name get picked up twice, congrats guys! This video made my heart beat so fast when I saw my name get picked up and dropped the second time you reached, then you could see my name and you hit it dirrectly, then it fell down, haha that was great!

  • 420Downunder

    blkmmba the reason why some of us were late was because there was no warning that the draw was closed.

  • Smokey

    I’m over the moon to have won again! I was really hoping I’d get that last bong in the BB competition, so winning this time round is delayed awesomeness. Love the bong, and can’t wait till it gets here! Congrats to Jen and nail2r too-I hope you enjoy your prizes as much as I will mine!

  • blkmmba

    im fine with paying for my glass so losing in a competition is no biggie. congrats to the winners.

  • Admin1

    Danja, don’t worry, there’s a few of you who didn’t make it in, including a couple who deffo should have been. I think the best thing we can do about it is have another bloody draw for something else I can sneak out of the warehouse. Let’s hope I can find something nice.

  • C-LO

    Is it like that one at the end of Indiana jones and the lost ark?
    interesting. Where exactly is this warehouse?

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