UPDATE (Monday) Click here for winner announcement.

This is a last call for the special draw open only to the former members of our old forum that died a terrible death at the end of 2008.  If you would like your name in the hat then email blog@everyonedoesit.com and reveal yourself and you will be entered in with a chance to win these bongs (amongst others, as these are just the first two items I have scrounged up, there is more to come):

EDIT Forum member prizes

Don’t worry if you are not a former forum member, this is just a little thank-you to those who helped create a community for many years here and who still frequent this site, despite the disapointing loss of the old forum.

There will be more giveaways coming very soon for anybody and everybody to have a chance to win, more stupid time-wasting videos and all sorts of new products on the way as well.


This special draw will close tomorrow afternoon, Friday 15th.


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