Our first piece of the day this month is truly a special collaboration. We love it when two heavyweights in the glass blowing world combine to form some extra spectacular. That is exactly what Eric Ross and Freeek have done here.

This Eric Ross and Freeek tube has the build of an Eric Ross 4.0 tube with the styling that Freeek brings to the table on all of his glass. Together they form this hybrid of a glass masterpiece.

Starting from the slide, there is a large heavily worked holographic marble protruding outwards from the front of the bowl. That is set upon a dark green and brown leaf shaped deep bowl with spikes (or thorns) protruding from both sides and the tip. This bowl has a 14.5mm male joint which fits into the 18.8 to 14.5 reducing showerhead diffuser. This diffuser has clear to green colour glass work on it and 7 slits for optimal smoke dispersion.

Smoke then moves into the main chamber at the bottom that contains the clearest sign of Freeek’s stamp on this waterpipe. There are thirteen different sized dark amber coloured spikes placed in perfect symmetry around the chamber curling upwards.

Moving up from the bulbous chamber, smoke is funnelled up into dome double shower headed perc. These two showerhead percolators contain 17 slits each, providing a total of 36 slits for smoke diffusion. At the top of this dome showerhead perc, there is another heavily worked holographic marble decorating the middle chamber. This chamber also has the Eric Ross 4.0 glass stamp at the centre.

Smoke them passes through the straight tube at the top with a clear to amber glass mouthpiece. Also on this clear glass tube there is a colour glass pattern embedded around to add extra aesthetic effect.

This tube done by two of the best in the borosilicate glass game, making this one of the best glass bongs out there as far as collaborations go. This is a truly special piece made by Eric Ross and Freeek.

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