The World Cup has begun and England still haven’t been knocked out! Woohoo, that clearly means England are going to win the damn thing and join the mighty Uruguay on two whole World Cup victories! To help ensure victory for England, you can buy one of these England Clipper Lighters and support the boys every time you spark a cigarette or set alight your home or offices for insurance purposes. It won’t actually help but that doesn’t matter that much.

Non-English people can get in on the fun too by giving them to their English friends as commiseration gifts for when Wayne Rooney is sent off for head-butting the referee and some team that England probably invaded or went to war with a century ago (that pretty much covers everybody) knocks them out.

There are four designs to choose from, which is amazing because Fabio Capello has 23 players to choose from, and 23 is a number just like 4!


England World Cup Clipper Lighter – St. George’s Cross

England World Cup Clipper Lighter – Spirit of ’66

England World Cup Clipper Lighter – No More Penalties!

England World Cup Clipper Lighter – Come On England!

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