Electronic Lighters

Electronic Lighters are a statement against oppression. They are a speck of spit in the eye of Satan himself. They say, ‘Damn you, modern day dictators, tyrants and despots. Despite all your evil doing, despite all the people who suffer under your selfish rule, despite all the pain and misery you have inflicted upon innocent women, children and kittens, despite all the terrible, horrible and downright plain mean behaviour, I’m going to light my cigarette.’

Defy all those moustachioed maniacs with this Electronic Lighter featuring various designs and together we will find a way. We shall overcome! And we’re going to bloody smoke while we do it.

Electronic Lighters


PROF Electronic Lighter – Elvis Presley

PROF Electronic Lighter – Pink Panther

PROF Electronic Lighter – Betty Boop

PROF Electronic Lighter – Marilyn Monroe

PROF Electronic Lighter – Che Guevara

Refillable Electronic Lighter – Pastels

Bob Marley Refillable Electronic Lighter



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