This family-run Master Glassworks in Limburg, Germany has been around for 55 years, producing quality engineered glassware.  The company started producing ‘Glaswasserpfeiffen’ or Glass waterpipes in 1988.  In 1997 they introduced their own-brand EHLE bongs to the market and have not looked back since.

All EHLE’s products are manufactured on site in Limburg from high-grade borosilicate glass to astounding levels of accuracy.  The glass is cooled and tempered after production resulting in a totally tension-free glass piece that will give the owner a lifetime of smoking pleasure.  Each EHLE glass bong is signed and dated with its year of production, adding an extra touch of authenticity.

Here at, we love the work done by EHLE which is why we carry such a huge range of their superb glass bongs and accessories.  Now available with EDIT’s price match guarantee, these beautiful, European-made bongs can be yours with the click of a mouse.

EHLE Glass – Clear Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) – 2000ml

This 2000ml capacity, Clear Cylinder Bong stands an imposing 55cm tall, and in the world of waterpipes – size matters!  The jumbo tube has a simple, straight design and huge diameter to provide monster hits to the lucky user.  This 29.2mm joint size bong features a sturdy, hexagonal base and is emblazoned with the classy EHLE logo in vivid tangerine down the length of the tube.  A wonderfully engineered waterpipe that currently features in our sale with a 27% saving, bringing this stunning bong in at under £100.  Exceptional quality at a fantastic low price.

EHLE Glass Custom Bong 5mm – Ice Twist (Straight Cylinder)

The EHLE Glass 5mm Custom Bong with Ice Twist has a precision-made twist in the cylinder as a snazzy alternative to ice notches.  The robust, circular base supports a 48cm tall tube which features a stunning, flame-polished EHLE logo for a look of real distinction.  The bong has a 18.8mm joint size, made to EHLE’s exacting standards for a guaranteed fit of extra slides, domes or other accessories.  This incredible quality bong is also included in our soon-to-end sale with a 42% discount saving you £100!  If you’re in the market for a new glass waterpipe, you are getting a lot of bong for your money with this German stunner.

Of course, there isn’t room to feature all the EHLE products we carry here individually.  We also have a huge range of bong accessories, such as ashcatchers, adapters and bowls and slides.  Have a browse through this collection of superb German glassware – You’re bound to fall in love with EHLE, just as we did.

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