This 5mm bent neck Ehle Glass Bong combines elegant design with high quality materials to get the perfect smoking performance. The 5mm glass is high-grade borosilicate and the EHLE logo is charcoal black with a red outline, while the round foot is as steady a base as you will find. Ice notches allow the addition of ice cubes to further enhance your smoking experience.

The pinpoint precision joints of EHLE Glass Water Pipes are made on their own factory premises and are subject to continuous quality and performance tests.

They guarantee the utmost accuracy in the fitting of all parts and accessories. After running through computer-controlled cool and temper processes, every Ehle glass pipe is sure to be delivered totally stress-free.



Joint Sizes: 14.5 & 18.8

Glass: 5mm

Downtube: 12.5 / 13cm

Height: 50cm

Diameter: 40mm

Weight: 1.1kg

Ice Notches: Optional

Logo: Black / Red

View Full Ehle Glass Bent Neck Bong Range

View Full Ehle Glass Bong Range

Ehle Glass Bong Accessories:


·          Ehle Glass Pre-Coolers / Ashcatchers

·          Ehle Glass Bowls

·          Ehle Glass Carbon Filter Adaptors

·          Ehle Glass Diffusers


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