Ehle Custom Bong WINNER!


The winner is…

A fantastic glass giveaway this week with the prize being a very special and genuinely unique Custom Ehle Bong. Whoever guesses the closest to the actual weight will win it.Β Custom Ehle Bong Giveaway

Entry Requirements:

1. Guess the weight of the bong

2. Post an old or recent order number with your weight guess

The Ehle bong prize was originally created to be the 5mm Amber Crown, but a mix-up with the logo colour saw this one arrive with a black logo with a red outline instead of the matching amber logo. Instead of pretending it was done on purpose and trying to sell it, EDIT thought they’d make a happy sausage out of one of their customers.

You have to be a customer past or present to enter (with an old or new order number to back it up). We don’t give these things away to just anybody, you know. Other than that one requirement, just guess the weight of the bong and it might just be yours!

Custom Ehle Bong Giveaway

Glass Thickness: 5mm

Height: 48.5cm / 19”

Guess the Weight of the Ehle Bong!

254 thoughts on “Ehle Custom Bong WINNER!”

  1. Erm would it not have been better to blank the appropriate weight of the bong on the website before running this? :f

    It’s the first place I went to check and looks like quite a few others had the same idea.

    So not much point in me entering now, oh well, I’m still well happy with the Big Brother I won a few months back. πŸ˜‰

  2. That’s a rounded up weight, plus each bong can vary quite a lot in grammage, up or down.

    Sometimes they are 46cm tall, sometimes 44cm. things like that can make a big difference to the exact weight. Sometimes the base is very wide, sometimes not so wide, etc, etc.

    You take your chances.

  3. Ah right, thanks for clearing that up. I can see why you didn’t need to bother now if there is enough variation. Didn’t wanna seem down on it or anything just thought it was a bit of a give away with the weight already stated. No matter though. πŸ™‚

    And with that I would like to throw out a guess of 1225g if that would be o.k.

    Order number 1279472.


  4. my friend recently posted something and his email address was saved, but my order number should match up with another email address, but im not trying to post my email on this prize entry page, so if needed i will send my email to you guys at edit

  5. Im shit at these weighting games, this time i’ll go for 1256g

    Last order # = 1290975

    Kind Regards,
    Dr. Bengele

  6. Id say around 1200g
    Bong Looks dyno, only hit out of a glass bong on one occasion before, they’r so milky and clean, a whole different method compared to the old plastic bottle bong improvisation πŸ˜›
    I’ve made a good few orders in the past…
    You get the picture ;D

  7. Old Order #1058642

    My guess is 1310g

    A normal 5mm amber crown @ 48cm =1200g; so the answer to the riddle is how to figure out what a half a centimeter of 5mm amber crown glass weights.

    Sweet contest, Everyonedoes it rocks!

  8. Order number 1311957

    Im probably going to overshoot this one by far…but i am going to say that bong is 1400 grams.

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