Everyonedoesit.com is the world’s largest smoke shop, stocking thousands of smoking relating products.  We think we’ve thought of everything to improve and enhance our customer’s smoking experience.

Today, we’re focusing on our superb range of Rolling Accessories – all designed to make the smoker’s life easier and the end product more polished.

A lot of smokers struggle with the dexterity required to hand-roll a cigarette, particularly a king-size cigarette.  It does take practice, but here at EDIT we have this great collection of Rolling Machines in a variety of sizes to take the hassle out of skinning up.

Kingsize Futurola Rolling Machine

This Kingsize Rolling Machine by Futurola is a wonderfully designed gadget that quickly and effortlessly rolls you straight, or perfectly conical rollies.  Simply open the device, place your tobacco or herbal blend inside, add a filter tip or roach and seconds later you have a roll-up that could pass off as an experts handiwork.  The ease of use makes the Futurola ideal for those new to the rolling revolution and the stylish design just adds to the appeal.  A great smoking essential at a typical EDIT value price.  We also stock replacement rolling mats and Futurola’s own brand of papers HERE.

Zen Large Rolling Box

The Large Rolling Box by Zen means you no longer have to put up with those moody, hand-rolled bodge-jobs that your mates have the cheek to pass off as a ‘roll-up’.  Place your ingredients in the mechanism, lick the paper, close the lid and out pops your perfect parp.  The Zen Large Rolling Box can roll small or king-size ciggies and the sturdy mechanism is adjustable, allowing for the rolling of cones.

Rolling Tray Gift Set - 8-Ball White

Rolling machines and boxes are great for portability and speed, but when you’re at home and trying to put together something a bit more complex, you really need a trusty rolling tray.

Beanie Rolling Tray - Smiley FacesWooden Rolling Tray - 8 Ball

Everyonedoesit.com stock this fantastic range of lap-top rolling trays, ideal for rolling on, as well as keeping all your ingredients and paraphernalia together.  Choose from Beanie-based rolling trays to solid wood table toppers.  We’ve got something for everyone here at EDIT, so Roll up!  Roll up!  Grab these great rolling accessories while you can at our fantastic low prices with our superb price match guarantee.

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