A truly special piece has graced our Piece of the day section today. This waterpipe is full of detail, colour and is also extremely rare due to the fact that Worm and Bigz do not collaborate anymore. In short, this might be the last of the warrior tubes.

This Worm and Bigz Warrior Tube is a sight to behold. The collaboration provides some fine colouring, design and engineering to create this hybrid glass bong. The stemless bong comes with a heavily worked pink stained to clear glass bowl with a rainbow switchback design. There are protruding purple to dark blue claws adorned around it. This includes a clear glass claw with spiralled marble work embedded inside. The bowl fits into an 18.8mm ground joint.

Smoke is passed through into the first chamber. This chamber is one of the most heavily worked chambers we have ever seen. It includes one large disc with a rainbow switchback design set upon a black background. This large disc forms the centre point and includes a beautiful large honeycomb marble at the centre of the switchback design. Protruding from the top of the disc there is a large clear glass claw with another gorgeous spiral design embedded inside. Overhanging from each side of this worked chamber there are two other (one on each side) similarly worked discs adorned with a honeycomb marble, coloured beads and clear glass claws.

Once smoke is passed through the astonishingly detailed first chamber it follows into the black 12 slit inline percolator at the bottom and up into the middle chamber, which houses a rainbow switchback designed 8 arm tree percolator that has another dazzling honeycomb marble at the top. Each arm on the percolator contains 3 slits to provide optimal smoke dispersion.

Once this fully treated smoke passes through the tree perc, it rises through the clear glass dome splashguard in the midsection, through the 3 ice pinches and up the straight tube at the top. The midsection also has a large heavily worked rainbow switchback design just below the mouthpiece. There is also a large clear glass round base signed by both Worm and Bigz at the bottom giving this piece sturdiness and security.

Worm and Bigz have really gone to work with this piece and it shows. Its radiance stands out next to any other glass waterpipe, making this a truly notable work of glass art.


  • Ross McCall

    Wow, this piece is absolutely astounding. Being a new father, and not having extra money for new bongs and pipes and such, is a bit of a downer, but this is one piece I can definitely see myself putting some money aside for. Hahaha

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