We can’t leave out Toro from our EDiTor’s Piece of the Day section! Introducing the wonderful Toro Micro Frothilator Glass Bong. This petite bong packs a huge punch! It’s made from the finest borosilicate glass and has a thick rendered base, percolator and glass bowl. The mini frothilator percolator has been made to provide optimal smoke dispersion.

The glass perc feeds right through the pull out style bowl which comes with an in-built gauze. The pipe has a sleek bent neck which provides minimum splash and highlights the functionality in all Toro products.

Toro do not mess about when it comes to the functionality of their products. Most of their bongs are exempt of fancy designs or too much colour and gimmicks. They are simple, classy and effective. The bong comes with the famous Toro logo at the center. Highly recommended for a smooth, cool smoke.

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