This Toro and Pakoh Collaboration is a clash of the titans. The FYC series sees two of the best glass blowers in the industry come together, bringing you a hybrid with this 7 to 13 arm tree perc.

Toro is unrivalled in the industry when it comes to creating functional scientific glass bongs. His bongs are accepted as some of the best scientific glass worldwide because of his perfectly made percolators and meticulously worked and measured borosilicate glass.

Pakoh is a visionary with his unique contemporary designs. From his creative and elegant slides to his brilliant bubblers, Pakoh never disappoints in bringing you designs that resemble modern day culture that are handmade and flawless in their build.

This Toro and Pakoh Collaboration FYC 7 to 13 Arm Tree Perc Glass Bong resembles a Toro Fixed Stem 7/13 Arm. There is a pull out style ice pinches slide that fits into an 18.8mm ground joint. The stemless bong has a typical Toro arm fixed at a 90 degree angle that feed into the 7 arm tree perc. Each arm on the percolator has two slits for diffusion. Smoke then rises from the bottom half of this piece into the second chamber that houses the 13 arm tree perc for a second round of smoke treatment. This second perc has a worked dome at the top of it. After feeding through this second 13 arm perc, smoke rises through the straight tube at the top, into the mouthpiece.

Pakoh finishes this piece by sandblasting some of his signature style designs all over it. The bottom half is riddled with sandblasted Pakoh style brickwork against clear glass. There is also a sandblasted car, a sandblasted ‘FYC’ logo and a small sandblasted barcode underneath the fixed stem that reads ‘Pakoh-Toro’. The pull out style bowl and ground joint are all sandblasted with effects as well. The second chamber is fully sandblasted with some clear glass floral designs around the bong. The straight tube at the top has similar sandblasted floral designs set against clear glass just below the mouthpiece.

A truly brilliant piece to hold made by two of the best, this collaboration has created one of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional bongs on the market.


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