Schmitz has graced our EDiTor’s Piece of the Day section again. His unique blend of heady , functional, vibrant coloured glass is a staple in the borosilicate revolution and this piece maintains his set of high standards.

Introducing the ‘Locomotive’ Glass Bubbler by Schmitz. This stand up bubbler features a vibrantly coloured design throughout, set upon clear borosilicate glass. The glass bowl is contains spirals moving into the pipe with shades of red, blue and green. On the left side of the bowl, there is a protruding red stained glass carb hole.

Smoke moves from the bowl into the main chamber that houses a large and wide 9 slit diffuser. The diffuser contains swirls of turquoise and orange. At the base of this mainly clear glass chamber there is a switchback design containing shades of red, orange, blue, green and turquoise. There is also a small etched ‘Schmitz’ signature next to this switchback.

Smoke then moves up into an incredibly worked and detailed second chamber that contains a large shield with orange and turquoise swirls, red stained glass arms and a tentacle like ornament leading up to the disc shaped mouthpiece.

The large disc shaped mouthpiece contains orange and turquoise swirls around the perimeter. At the centre of the mouthpiece there is a large switchback design containing shades of red, blue, orange, green and turquoise.

All in all, a very colourful and heady piece from Schmitz, a master glass blower in the game.

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