Illadelph have graced our EDiTor’s Piece of the Day once again! The heavyweights from Philadelphia have spent a lot of time creating this functional and aesthetic masterpiece. This Illadelph Glass Sherlock Pipe shows off Illadelph at its finest and their ability to stay at the top of their game in terms of innovation and quality.

This Sherlock pipe is adorned with a clear and blue glass millie bead next to the large 5 hole bowl. The carb hole sits on the opposite side of the bowl from the millie. There’s a small Platinum Illadelph Label which furnishes the center of the piece and a large blue and platinum shield upon the side.

This is one of the most technically difficult Illadelph pieces to create and they have drawn from years of experience in order to make this wonderfully functional piece of glass art. Every aspect of this piece has been fully planned and thought out to ensure that this Glass Sherlock Pipe is made to exacting standards and maintains glass thickness all over.

Another worth EDiTor’s Piece of the Day from Philly’s finest.


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