Ease makes beautifully constructed pieces of glass art for the aficionados out there. Introducing the Ease Fumed Sherlock with Dichro Marble. This hand pulled Sherlock pipe features a heavily worked mouthpiece with a vibrantly coloured switchback design that contains shades of blue, yellow, red and black. The colour contrast on this design just pops right out and catches the eye! It really gives this piece some aesthetic weight. There is also a similar switchback design at the neck of the pipe just below the bowl.

The striking milli designs are used to emphasize the colour contrast in the different borosilicate glass and it merges wonderfully from the deep greens to the vibrant blues.

This piece of art glass has an enormous decorative milli that allows the Sherlock pipe to stand freely and support itself. The pipe is a beautiful piece of art from Ease glass and a very appropriate EDiTor’s Piece of the Day.

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