Our Piece of the Day is the Pakoh Boombox Bowl. Another fine piece from our American Glass Section. This piece is another representative symbol for modern society put into glass form. This decorative bowl is made by the very talented glassblower by the name of ‘Pakoh’. This design is composed of fused glass in the dimensions of 45mm x 23mm x 45mm.

The fumed glass leaves a marble like finish which complements the black styling very well indeed. The intricate black line work has been sandblasted into the work giving the decorative piece an amazing finish. The black lines on the piece portray an ‘old school’ boombox. The picture on the front depicts 2 base box speakers, tape deck, radio tuner and bandwidth display. An aerial slot and power switch is found on the top of the bowl. The back of the bowl also depicts a 2 pin power cord and the ‘Pakoh’ signature.

The bowl sits atop a 14.5mm joint. This is a beautiful part of our American Glass section and one for Glass collectors and aficionados alike.


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