This Steve Gelb Standup Snorkle Carb Bubbler is a true masterpiece. The clear to blue and purple background sets the tone for the astonishing colour work throughout the whole piece. The bubbler is full of clever colour combinations and brilliant switchback designs. It’s fair to say that this is a worth Piece of the Day, Piece of the Week, Piece of the Month even!

This aesthetic gem contains many shades of blue and purple that mesh together to form a fine piece of art.

The bowl has blue spirals out the exterior moving into the bowl. Smoke then moves down a thick, spirally 3 hole diffuser into the main chamber. On the front of the pipe there is a small milli marble with the patented ‘SG’ signature on it. On the back, there is a large crystal like marble

There is a snorkel carb on the left side of the bubbler containing the same bluish spiral design set upon clear borosilicate glass. On the right of the glass, there are two tentacles protruding out of the bubbler and pointing upwards.  These tentacles have solid colouring work and contain shades of blue and purple as well a slight hints of yellow and green.

At the back of the main chamber, there is a crystal-like clear glass marble set upon a red background to add affect.

Smoke then moves up the bubbler and into the second chamber which resembles a curved arm with the same spiral blue and purple design throughout the pipe. This chamber houses the disc shaped mouthpiece that contains a blue, green and purple floral pattern on the front, as well as a blue and purple spiral design that resembles.

All in all, this is yet another brilliant masterpiece made by Steve Gelb.

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