Introducing the famous Illadelph Glass Ashcatcher! This wonderfully innovative Ash Catcher is the perfect complement to your glass bong that you aim to keep clean and enhance in performance. It houses two chambers and a downstem.

The first chamber holds the bowl and filters smoke through a removable daisy diffuser with 12 slits that cools and filters your smoke onto the second chamber without allowing ash water through.

The second chamber is branded with a platinum Illadelph logo and acts as a pre-cooling chamber, smoothening and cooling your smoke further before feeding the treated smoke into your glass bong.

The Ash catcher treats the smoke to such a high level before even touching your bong! This not only provides optimal smoke dispersion but also keeps your waterpipe clean and neat by filtering and catching all of the dirty water.

Another brilliant innovation from Philly’s finest and a worthy candidate for EDiTor’s Piece of the Day!

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