This Brandon Martin Electroformed Creature Slide is a meticulously detailed fine piece of glass art. This slide is like no other in terms of design and the amount of craftsmanship put into it.

The detail and imagination of Brandon Martin’s work goes beyond even some of the best glass blowers out there. He is a true visionary that makes pieces with details that you’ll come to notice months after owning a piece.

This heady glass slide is mainly made up of red glass and pulled to effect with shades of brown. The shape resembles an ant warrior. There are two black beads which act as the eyes for the creature. The piece has some amazing electroformed work throughout which looks like body armour to the creature. There is an emerald green flat glass circle on one side of the creatures head. One arm is much larger than the other and houses what looks like the end of an electric screwdriver that has been damaged. This protruding screwdriver has electroformed work throughout and adds real aesthetic weight to this piece.

This slide fits into a 14.5mm ground joint and comes with a wooden stand to hold it upright whilst resting.


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