Introducing the Chad G. Slingshot Glass Pipe! This multi-functional pipe is an imaginative piece of art glass made by Chad G. One of the more talented glass blowers hailing from the USA. The base of this piece is made from fine copper coloured borosilicate glass. The handle has a very finely worked switchback design composed of yellow, turquoise and ocean blue glass. The mouthpiece is at the bottom of the slingshot whilst the inbuilt bowl is in the middle of the ‘Y’ shape.

The Chad G. Slingshot Glass Pipe is not only a fully functioning glass pipe but also doubles up as an actual slingshot. It has two rubber strips attached to either side which comes together to the leather pocket and holds the projectile.

Bring the kid out in you and pretend you’re Bart Simpson or Dennis the Menace with this Chad G. Glass Pipe.

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