Time for another EDiTor’s piece of the day; American Glass edition. Today we bring you the (cue drumroll pleeease)………. The Amy Schmitz Chair Bubbler with Pillow!! This tastefully coloured masterpiece is a real work of art. The piece is made of coloured borosilicate glass which has been hand pulled giving it a marble like effect on the colour. The marble theme runs through the Feet, Head and Seat of the chair, whilst the arms and legs are clear borosilicate glass. The seat of this chair doubles up as a bowl when the pillow is removed. The mouthpiece is at the top of the headrest and a carb hole is found on the back.

This tastefully made Bubbler is glass art at its finest. The removable pillow is a lovely piece that adds a vibrant colour amongst these dark marble tones creating a dynamite contrast that strikes the eye in a very pleasing manner. A fine addition to our collection that should satisfy those looking for unique luxury glass.

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