We’re proud to present this sandblasted concentrate tube with circulator percolator by MNP. From tip to tail this is another profoundly intricate and impressive piece of glass art.

Starting at the mouthpiece it already becomes apparent that the tube has been heavily worked, this detailing descends down the main tube in the form of sandblasted patterns along the neckline. In this piece large portions/ sections of the tube are left clear further highlighting the importance of both the frosted effect and the components contained within the glass bong.

As the slight reduction in the neck of the glass tube becomes apparent the frosting of the glass is once again utilized. The frosting at this point is used to emphasis the existence of the first set of 4 small chunky glass horns. These smaller horns sit just above and in-between 4 medium sized horns which have been placed and arranged in an alternating two tier fashion, maintaining the awe inspiring symmetry which remains congruent throughout this piece.

Just before the frosting on the percolated chamber subsides there is also a clear pattern which has the detailing sandblasted in to it. This pattern can be observed at 4 adjacent points on this middle chamber, and once again remains compliant with the symmetrical theme.

It is at the point where the glass becomes transparent again, so that the ‘crown jewel’ can be observed. This crown jewel refers to the multi-slit diffusion circulator perc that sits in the middle of the upper chamber. The chamber that houses this circulator perc is bulbous in nature and completely incarcerates this multi-slit diffusion percolator. The design is aimed to maximize and optimize the amount of smoke that is diffused and thus dispersed via this very special method of filtration.

As your gaze moves down from the upper chamber onto the main can, 2 southward facing, small clear glass chunky horns, sit either side of the glass tube.

The symmetrical them is once again evident as you move further down the tube, as there is additional clear glass chunky horns placed either side of the main beaker base chamber. However in this instance, this pair of glass horns are twin tipped, meaning the points face both upward and downward.

Both the front and back of this beaker base chamber are once again embellished in sandblasted glass, with the former being graced with a small yet intricate clear pattern, and the later is used to emphasize the use of additional chunky glass horns.

As previously stated the frosting on the reverse of the chamber has been used to highlight the inordinately large chunky glass horns, which have been used as another focal point of the tube. The frosting then runs through two thirds of the bottom of the base, in turn housing another intricate clear glass pattern.

As the blasted glass forms from the beaker base into the 18.8 ground joint, there is a noticeable ridge of extra glass which has been blown in for reinforcement. The blasting remains apparent all around the joint which houses the 13.5cm 5 hole concentrate diffuser, which utilizes an 18-14 reduction joint. This 5 hold diffusing downstem is again designed to achieve the optimal diffusion of smoke sought after by all glass connoisseurs.

This glass tube then concludes with the frosted glass curve which acts as the entry point for all the vapour or smoke. This glass curve features a clear pattern adorned on the reverse of the entry point, as well as an array of upward facing frosted chunky glass horns which line the spine of the curve.

This glass tube is made complete by the MNP signature which is sited on the rear of the main chamber, and can be observed amongst the frosted glass.

Another truly magnificent piece of glass art from MNP.

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