Check out this stunning 4.0 Eric Ross glass waterpipe with a worked dome top & glass bubbler style mouth piece. This piece of art glass comes with a sky scraper base which is approximately 11cm in diameter and supports the main entry chamber, which is 10cm of the total length of this 37cm glass water bong.

The sky scraper chamber is housed below the diffusion chamber where the smoke is filtered through. This forms the entry point for the patented Eric Ross 4.0 glass diffuser which offers a tripod of multi-slit diffusion technology. There is a small reduction in the width of the downstem before it reaches the 14.5mm ground joint, where the glass bowl fits. The bowl has 4 holes at the entry point which acts like an inbuilt gauze. The glass bowl and diffusing downpipe are adorned with the famous “4.0 Glass” logo.

At the centre of the main chamber there is a dome topped, double shower head percolator” which incarcerates the central passage that leads down into the base chamber when the smoke enters. This is called a shower head perc because of the multi-slit diffusion mechanism that allows for optimal smoke dispersion in the style of a power shower. These diffusion slits go around the circumference of the dome and are layered on 2 tiers to ensure that smoke disseminates from the dome in an efficient manner into the main chamber and then the mouthpiece.

There is coloured glasswork in a switchback design on top of the dome which is set on a black background offering a beautiful contrast in colour amongst the mostly clear glass piece.

The bubbler style mouthpiece features reductions and ridges as it forms from the main can. The mouthpiece is set at a small angle to ensure functionality. This piece is a user-friendly piece of scientific art glass.

In short, Eric Ross makes masterpieces!

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  • i would be so filled excitement and love for you guys to be he very greatfull owner of the product. i know how hard it is to make beautiful glass like this piece,and i wish santa;) will bring it to me for christmas.

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