For the next few weeks we’ll be running an EDITor’s piece of the day. We’ll be selecting a special piece of American Glass and featuring it as our piece of the day to bring you all closer to the intricacy of these pieces.

So we’ll start with a special piece for the premium glass collectors. Today’s EDITor’s selection is the Voorhees Electroformed Standup Bubbler. This iconic bubbler contains a large gold chamber that forms as a base. It is surrounded by borosilicate coloured glass horns and centred with a glass bowl. These are covered in electroformed copper which provides an elegant finish to the decor.

The top of this bubbler is composed of a disc-like mouthpiece and a tremendously detailed glass face which is also decorated with electroformed copper. There is a stunning contrast between the coloured borosilicate glass and copper moulds. This odd combination is made to work with great results and a testament to the artistic talents of Voorhees. These handmade pieces come complete with an individual Voorhees signature at the base.

What a beauty to kick off our American Glass display!!

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