We’ve got Evol Empire glass available online for all you enthusiasts!! This Evol Empire Glass Waterpipe (Zombie) is a creation by two of the most sought after and talented artists out there – Ghost and Gordon. These blowers are based in Aurora, Illinois and bring a wealth of experience and also imagination to their pieces.

The straight tube features a fixed Pre-Cooler with a removable daisy diffuser which smooths the smoke out and feeds into the main feature of this piece, the Zombie Head!!! The bottom of this zombie head is an X-Perc Griddled Percolator which works into a sinister, detailed amazing glass zombie. The dead yellow eyes make a great contrast with the pallid green flesh. There’s also blood and ooze dripping from the mouth modelled in red and translucent green glass. The neck of the zombie flows seamlessly into the head of the X-Perc.

The gauzeless glass bowl comes with the piece and has its own EE logo embedded on the end of the slide handle. The classic Evol empire logo is faintly etched on the neck and main section of the body.

We’ve been waiting for some work from Ghost and Gordon to come in and it was completely worth the wait. This is American Glass at its finest!


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