This Salt Horned Cyclops Glass Chillum is another masterpiece from Salt. This hand blown glass chillum is oozing with quality and full of detail. Salt uses fumed glass to compose this piece and then treats it with an oil based coating. This coating gives the piece a spectrum of colours which blends together giving the overall piece an oil painting finish.

The bowl of the glass chillum is surrounded by teeth which are fashioned into pincer style horns which protrude from either side of the bowl. The horns are formed in layers creating reptile like armoured skin which is a theme that is prominent throughout the pipe.

The best part of this chillum is the amazingly intricate eye that has been blown and placed in the centre of the piece. The detailing is phenomenal, as the iris and eye lids are all hand blown into position, the precision of the detail can be truly appreciated.

On the other side, there are subtle ridges which extend only slightly from the glass, but upon closer inspection the detailing forms the shape of Moai (Easter Island Head). The main body is also lined with an array of small glass horns on one side, and the other features the flattened edges from which horns once projected.

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