Oil and concentrate fans unite! Check out the Innerfire Butterscotch Honeycomb Percolated Bubbler with Oil Dome! Phew!! That was a mouthful. Innerfire usually makes pieces with very bright and vibrant colours. This piece however, is coloured with more subtle tones of red and orange which contrast really elegantly with the honeycomb on the pipe and maintain the vibrancy of the whole piece.

The butterscotch honeycomb percolated bubbler comes with a variety of quirks and focal points. This includes the unique dome style glass perc. There are also a number of decorative honeycomb marbles or millie’s which grace a number of points of this bubbler.

When vertical the entire bubbler would rest on a single honeycomb milli. As you pass various focal points of the piece you eventually reach the magnificent worked, hand pulled, bubbler style mouthpiece.

The beauty of this bubbler is the oil dome attachment that is included. The honeycomb marbles just round this piece off as a truly excellent piece of art glass.

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