Schmitz is a glass artist that is at the top of his game in terms of coloured glass art. His designs are unique, identifiable and brilliant. On top of this, his colour work is unrivalled. All of his pieces have solid coloured glass that has been perfectly worked. Schmitz is a true pioneer in this borosilicate glass revolution.

The Schmitz Kite Glass Slide is bold and vibrant in design. The coloured glass canes provide an excellent base for Schmitz to make this piece of art his own. There’s a number of hand pulled wig wags along with some additional glass milliefiori that give this piece its elegance. The blood red rim has such a strong and beautiful contrast to the pulled switchback designs and milliefiori.

Schmitz consistently makes top quality glass and this is no exception. This is a very worthy EDiTor’s Piece of the Day.


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