Steve Gelb is a master at his craft, a true artist that consistently produces quality pieces. This Steve Gelb Double Glass Bubbler is testament to that. This luxurious piece of glass art stands an astonishing 1 foot tall and is covered in a soothing green/aqua design that has become a major characteristic of this artist’s work.

There is a fully worked front can that features Rasta reversals throughout the design as well as a striking honeycomb marble that acts as a focal point for the front chamber.

The 2 chamber bubbler (hence ‘double’ bubbler) features a diffused downstem as a well as a snorkel carb attached to the primary chamber alongside 2 reversal millefiori, which complements the style and colour of this masterpiece.

There is also a stunning reticello design mouthpiece that has extra linework done on it to add that extra bit of uniqueness to the piece. One of my personal favourite parts about this piece is the gorgeous 2 arm, treeless perc which is housed in the back can and is emblazoned with the signature ‘SG’ millefiori on the front chamber.

This is nothing less than what we have come to expect from Steve Gelb in terms of style, functionality, quality and uniqueness. This is a very worthy candidate for our EDiTor’s Piece of the Day, so feast yourselves on this eye candy.


  • sneal

    Hi Jmac, If you click on the textlink it will bring you to the product page. Here’s the link to the product page: /online_headshop/steve-gelb-double-glass-bubbler-tree-percolator.cfm?iProductID=9161

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