Our EDiTor’s Piece of the Day spot is taken by the extremely talented Vince P. This is a free standing glass honeycomb sidecar pipe that is an incredible piece of glass art. The intricacy behind this glasswork is truly phenomenal and gives you an idea about how much work was put behind this. The bulbous portions form the neck and the pipe is adorned with a myriad of designs formed from different shaped borosilicate coloured glass.

As the neck joins the bowl, an additional multitude of designs becomes apparent moving from goldish yellows through to fire red. The beautiful tones of this coloured glass create a vibrant aura with this glass hand pipe.

The main chamber features a carb hole adjacent to the bowl and the rest of this piece is graced with an eclipse of colours and shapes further highlighting the attention to detail behind this work of art.

The honeycomb milli which decorates the end of the neck creates a hologram type effect that is truly astonishing and tops this off as a masterclass in glass art.


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