Check out this Schmitz Disc Glass Bubbler. This piece of art glass has so many features that form together to make this a real eye catching luxury glass bubbler. The main clear glass chamber comes complete with an inbuilt diffused downstem.

The downstem extends into the built in bowl which displays the amazing cosmo swirl which adorns the inside of the bowl. There is a pair of coloured borosilicate glass discs which grace the side of the main chamber and the neck of the glass bubbler. The detail on these discs is truly amazing when you stop to consider the work that has been put into this masterpiece. They feature an array of detailing from glass marbles to cosmo swirls, which all adds to this masterpiece.

Schmitz has used contrasting colours and a wide array of glass blowing techniques to amazing effect and it is consistent with the coloured work that goes behind all of Schmitz’s art glass. Another fine addition to our American Glass section.

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