The Illadelph Black Coil Glass Beaker Bong is another masterpiece from Philly’s finest. This water bong has a detachable coil condenser filled with glycerine which allows you to place the coil in a freezer and cool to a temperature of your choice. The bong is brought together with two parts to provide optimal smoke dispersion.

This piece has a simple, yet beautiful design and boasts a black Illadelph shield logo on the neck. The black with platinum outlined Illadelph logo adorns this piece on the neck and the glass slide. A signature dicro marble at the center of the bong features an abstract design and adds more class to the overall look.  The bowl is a classic Illadelph glass bowl with the signature three beads on the side.

The cherry on top is that this bong comes with an Illadelph branded space case grinder.

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