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20 people (so far at least) have just won various goodies from being fans of our Facebook Fan Page (log onto Facebook first and then click the link). Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel (EDITMovies) as we will be uploading our product demonstration videos and all new competition videos on there. Facebook only allow videos of 2 minutes and under so we can’t upload everything we have onto that page.

If you have something to say about a product or promotion you see exhibited on YouTube, then feel free to let loose ye tongues be it good, bad or just plain surreal. 

Any ideas you have for new product videos then let us know. Any products we stock that you would like to see filmed in action or with a bit more detail than a still picture provides, then let us know with a comment and we will do our best to get it done for you.

Eventually we will have a giveaway especially for the EDITMovies subscribers only, so get yourself signed up with an account if you haven’t already got one, and subscribe to us and the many other wonderful YouTube channels related to our favourite kind of thing.

EveryoneDoesIt.com on YouTube - EDITMovies

5 thoughts on “EDITMovies on YouTube”

  1. i would love to se the weedstar inline bong and the weedstar precooler with the 29.2 joint in better detail. Thanks as always EDIT!

  2. Sweet, subscribed a while back when first saw you guys made a yotube channel. Pretty sweet, I get all your vids straight there now.

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