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That’s right, we are now officially a bunch of twits! Ha. I’m sure you’ll be veritably falling off your chairs to learn we now have a Twitter account which you can follow to keep right up to date with all the brand new products and special offers that will be announced over the coming weeks, months and hopefully years. The account name is EDIT_Tweets. EDIT on TwitterAll EDIT’s giveaways and competitions will be instantly announced on the Twitter account as well, and we have plenty of those coming up in the new year and just possibly over Christmas. We will also be putting the names of the first 50 followers (and every 50 thereafter) into a hat-shaped receptacle and drawing a few of them out to win some random prizes ranging from herbal incense blends, glass pipes and other various bits and bobs. So be quick to get in the first hat.

Obviously we want as many followers as possible, hence the bare-faced bribery described in the previous paragraph, but we also want to follow you, especially if you are going to the pub, so join our twitdom and we can follow each other around in circles forever and ever.



Video of First 50 Twitter Followers Prize Draw…


   Grinder Winners

Spoon Pipe Winners

  Bubbler Winners


















 *Winners send address for prize-sending to blog@everyonedoesit.com

17 thoughts on “EDIT on Twitter”

  1. I will probably make a big song and dance about it on here. Then I’ll tweet it. Then I’ll post a blog featurette about my tweet regarding the blog article. Then I’ll tweet that…

  2. Started following yesterday. Now i can get updates without having to waste credit on my mobile broadband with twitter sms alerts. 😀
    rabbitkillrun btw…

  3. Cool – just a few more to go for the first 50 and I’ll chuck all the names in the hat and draw a few out to win some of the things I have gathered around me here.

  4. Nice one people. We’ll get some prizes out to about ten of the first 50 followers soon enough, then when we hit 100 we’ll do another draw etc. Bear with me this week though as it’s rather busy with all this Christmas business everyone’s going on about. Anyone would think it was some kind of god’s birthday or something.

  5. well i’m in some sorta draw.
    i’m subscribed
    i’ve also had 6 absinthes
    yeeh ha, see ya on the other side

  6. ps
    if ya don’t or haven’t tried absinthe
    go for ya life it’s f*cken great
    just make sure ya gwt max thujone

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