UPDATE: This giveaway has finished. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the video draw of the winners.

You can win a nice EDIT branded t-shirt! They are in black or white and one features wacky bongs all over and the other features the best time in the world, 4:20! And if that doesn’t get you excited then how about a book jammed full of reasonably naked chicks enjoying various items of nature? Yes, I thought so. 

A groan of displeasure from the females among us I’m sure. It’s not perhaps the most enticing giveaway for the ladies out there, but that’s what they get for leaving the kitchen. 

I’m kidding about the kitchen, girls. I have a lot of respect for women. My mother was one, my sister too. In fact, there’s a lot of it in my family, though it seems to have passed me and my dad by.  

The t-shirts come all in all sizes from Small to Extra Large so there’s no need to make a tent of yourself or mince about like you shop in the children’s department. There’s a size somewhere in the mix that will fit you just perfectly. 

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning a t-shirt or a book of mostly naked ladies is post a comment on this page which very briefly describes how you came to know of Everyonedoesit.com and what products or reasons you originally came here for.  

That is all. There are mulitple prizes so there’s extra enough chances for a good few people to win. There’ll be an announcement and video tomorrow most probably. Unless nobody whatsoever posts a comment over night, then I’ll probably delete the whole thing and cry.

EDIT Branded T-Shirts

Naked Girls Smoking Weed


  • james

    I found you threw google, looking for a special type of incense and recently brought a nice hookah. miss the community though 🙁

  • Nick

    Can’t remember how I first came about EDIT because it’s been so long now, but I remember first buying a few bongs and some skins.

    Now I mostly shop here for glass bongs and whatever else takes my fancy 🙂

  • Goodall

    Came at first for a larger variety of papers and wraps than my local shop carries, heard about here from a friend with a wristband (bet your glad they work)

  • Matt Redmer

    I heard of EDIT from a friend on my quest for a roor charcoal filter(as my GF is a singer and the filter helps with all the garbage from smoking)…..and my first order ended up buying way more then just the filter LOL But have been back every day since seeing the new things and keeping my wish list up to date 😉

    Your the best site I have found to this day online…..Keep it up!!! Ill have another here soon for you guys

  • oxo

    i think i came across edit searching google, cant actually remember what i was searching for at the time, was probably a pipe?
    then i popped it in my favourites and have visited frequentley..


  • blkmmba

    i found the site looking for a roor bong. typed “roor bong” on google and edit came up! It is the only online store i buy glass from.

  • j

    i found it just from people saying EDIT and i always wondered what it was and i just started googled it and after trying different searches i found this site

  • Sacagood

    I was looking for a cheap grinder with international shipping on google, and OMFG I found Everyonedoesit.com, since then i buy all my smoking parafernalia from you guys.

  • Mikeyh347

    came here for Roor DE products heard from a friend you guys were the shit, now hook it up im tryin to see some boobs

  • Comet

    After buying a custom ROOR @ the ROOR shop in Amsterdam I knew I would desire/buy more ROOR products. After returning to the US I searched with google and came across your website. I did some searching through various forums and EDIT has an outstanding reputation so I placed an order and hoped it would actually show up. It did, and more than met my expectations. I have been buying ROOR products exclusively from EDIT ever since, and turned several of my friends to ROOR/EDIT for their needs. I just wish the Dollar would hold up a little better against the Pound as there are several more ROOR’s I would love to own when the exchange rate is more favorable for me.


  • Feltros

    I think I came to EDIT looking for a grinder. Ended up purchasing a very nice solid hash grinder I still have to this day, and once I saw the variety of products on offer – and cheap – i’ve been shopping here ever since for my rizlas, roach, blunt wraps, legal highs, and various odd bits and pieces of bongs and pipes and such.
    Whenever I get some decent money in, I treat myself to something nice 🙂

  • fairoaks

    I first knew about this website because my friend won a bong a while back. also my other friend said he was buying a bong from this site so i checked it out. I havent bought anything yet but im looking to buy a magic box

  • Kellen McCullough

    I first found edit through a friend. And my first purchase was my EHLE and a diffy and i love it to death!!!

    Thanks EDIT for doing what you do!

  • oliver elliott

    well i saw one of my friends with a wrist band and i really really wanted one so i decided to buy a bong just to get one i loved the quality that it came in and have never bought anything else from any other site this site rules!!!!!!
    i no im not going to win ive been on this site for so long and never won but i got to say


    THANKS oli x x x

  • 420yoker

    I found EDIT by looking being screwed over by another website who never sent my water pipe to me..i started to search for representable companies and been in business for years upon years and the highest quality glass money could buy. I found Roor bongs which lead me to EDIT and thats the end of my story. Thanks for the ash catcher edit! its lovely

  • Gary Ebbess

    i found edit by googleing roor bongs. i was tired of watching youtube videos of people with nice roor bongs, so i had to aquire one for myself. and to add, your operation is very well orangized and speedy. thank you for the great services. many more orders from me to come.

  • ripwindu

    I found this because my friends were talking about it and i needed new “equipment” so i came here

  • I was trying to find a place to buy my first glass bong. I bought a colored small glass bong which sucked :p I then got onto the forums and won 1 contest throughout my time which got me my first regular sized bong which was acrylic 🙂


  • Ironside

    Found the forum first, probably typed something like ‘weed forum’ in google lol, bought all sorts of undisclosed paraphernalia for decorating the house with.

  • Aaryk

    my roommate had a grinder with your web address on it, so I checked it out and ended up buying a steam roller from EDIT. It’s been my go-to place ever since 😀

  • greeny

    I first heard bout EDIT after a mate gave me 1 of those wristband things n said the site was good and i came here to buy papers orriginally.

  • Etah

    I heard about everyonedoesit from google when i was searching for bongs and it came up, well i’ve sorta already answered the next part.

  • Brady

    I posted on a esportsea.com on where i could find a decent glass bong for cheap and i was aimed here.

  • jenn

    I found it on a BILLBOARD, so I came here looking for porn but I didn’t find any…
    p.s I really want the sexy book. :]

    p.s.s I am in the kitchen.

  • AcidBurn2020

    I heard of it from my friend and the reason I came was to buy some glass. I got my first bubbler and my first bong from EDIT!

  • ville

    my friend told me that he bought a roor bong from this site. this is my ideal online store. love the selection of glass

  • Monlee

    I heard about EDIT from a friend of mine who had done some shopping here, and I had come here originally for a glass bubbler

  • 420FireStarter

    I heard of this site from my bro and sister,i came here because it has the best prices and shipping by a LONG shot,i came here for some spoons and papers,not to mention the great scales.

  • austinnnn

    in my town all the guys buy their bongs and things from you so when i needed to start my own glass collection i had to look no further to buy my first roor. at first i just used an email address as to be secretive but then i wanted to show my support and made an account.

    to whom it may concern:
    i need that book, it was love at first sight. please let me win this book because it is the best book ever published and naked girls smoking weed are so fucking hot i cant think of anything id rather come across

  • Moe

    After getting annoyed by the crap load of cheap merchandise, at grasscity, i hit up there forums, and Edit was by far the most recommended. I haven’t taken a second look another online headshop since…btw, grasscity forums is prob your best advertisement..lol

  • Joe Beckman

    I heard of this site from my big bro and sis and at 1st I came here to buy spoons and papers but now i plan on ordering a bunch more stuff. Also, how much do you want for 1 of those books,in case i dont win? 🙂

  • theONE

    my friend referred me to edit when i was looking for a nice glass on glass bong for a reasonable price and ive been ordering since.

  • Dym

    I found EDIT through Google when I was searching for some kind of legal high, alternative to the illegal thing. This was back in the time when there was a forum and all. Good old times… Oh yeah.

  • Admin1

    I have to close this draw now, so no more entries after this post. The winners will be announced soon.

  • Feltros

    I’d love to see Theo do a drawing for this comp 😛 Naked women smoking weed at 4:20 with the shirts on the floor or something lol 😛

  • Admin1

    The draw is done, I know the winners. Getting the vid together now. Shouldn’t be more than a few days.

  • Fucking awesome, I finally won!! I knew it would pay off wasting, i mean….spending my time on here! I didn’t do one of my amazingly famous paintings because I do that for glass 🙂

    Thanks EDIT! 🙂

  • Locutuz

    I won a noodie book…..woohoo…..was hoping for a 4:20 shirt but what the hell, noodie book it is.

    Anybody want to trade?

    Thanks EDIT you guys are the greatest.

  • Yea, I’m with you Locutuz, I was hoping for one of those 4:20 Clock shirts, those are badass. If anybody wants to trade hit me up, im on Chilledtimes 🙂

    Otherwise, I really don’t care because I just won a fricken contest finally!!!


  • Admin1

    Fucking hell. I did the book draw first cause I thought if someone’s name got drawn out first for a t-shirt they’d be screwing they missed out on a sexy book.

    If any t-shirt winners prefer the book, then let me know on here. I hope to have the emails sent to everybody by lunchtime tomorrow, and nothing will be sent out until Monday or Tuesday next week (including the spoon pipe and bubbler winners – they’re coming people), so there’s plenty of time to swap prizes around.

  • Jamie Duncan-Brown

    yay i won! dont get me wrong i like naked women… buuuuut yeah id prefer to have a t-shirt, preferably the one with the colorful bong pattern. does it come with that arm-band? those look wicked cool too. im ok if the books are the only things that are left, but id still prefer a t-shirt. thanks again EDIT

  • Comet

    I won a T-shirt but would be happy with either item (I have to dress nicely for work so it would be a weekend T-shirt regardless). So if it works out feel free to swap my shirt to any of the book winners.


  • Feltros

    Congrats to all the winners. I’d haved loved that book 😛 Its one of those badass items you’d probly never buy for yourself and yet it must be pretty rare to have too.
    Hope to be seeing some people wandering about in these shirts at the next big meetup!

  • Sacagood

    I won I won I won, Hell Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, a 4:20 t-shirt, I’m size M btw, I knew I was gonna win a tshirt 😀

  • ville

    i was one of the winners but i didnt get any e-mail. i also won a prevoius prize and never received it. whats the deal?

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