Guess who is back with another GREAT promo!

That right we are going to make you wish ‘everyone does it‘ like EDIT does it!

Today marks the beginning of April, and that means it is time to give away ANOTHER Glass Bong.

This month we will be running a poetry competition for all the EDIT faithful.

All you have to do to be in with a chance of winning this AWESOME prize is post your poem or limerick onto the blog below.

From which G-man, Sketch and the rest of us here in EDIT-land will pick a winner.

So get your creative juices flowing, and hit us with you best rhyme! 🙂

(Please keep the content clean, if you know what I mean… ;)… as anything containing reference to explicit items/materials will be removed)

I’ll even get the ball rolling…

There was once a crazy man from EDiT,
Who judged comp’ winners on their merit,
He gave away this bong,
And free seeds all year long,
And at Xmas even gave away some credit!

(NOTE: OK so some the rhymes are a bit too controversial for the UK! LOL!

…so I have kept a copy of EVERY entry, so don’t worry if it doesn’t appear here!

…If you want to make double sure, mail your entry to marketing@everyonedoesit.com!)

Keep ’em coming guys, got some REALLY good one’s so far! 🙂


  • Jointzilla

    Logged on to EDiT on April 01
    Saw a compettion, thought this could be fun
    I know this website is supercool
    But have I become a victim on the April fool

    I guess I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt
    As I sit here, a bong without
    I long to hold and touch that glass
    Then I fill it with my freshest g***s

    So G-man, Sketch from EDiT-land
    Give me this prize I must demand
    I’ve been creative, I’ve been legit
    So pass the bong so I can have a hit

  • Alex305!

    There was a saying “everyonedoesit”
    but not one person tolove to us
    the low life and outcasts of the world
    smokin and tokin stuck in a mental whirl
    collecting roor glass hoping it dont smash
    its like life got me in some trance
    buying and doing not for others
    the things in this world got me smuthered
    so when I think its time to grab the gun
    i remember everyonedoesit and just smoke one

    No love for me I.found my love in the streets
    trying to win some free glass with no heat
    you no the people from edit there de shit
    hooking up the shipping and throwing munchies wid it
    bubblers Nd seeds not for me
    i like the tall clear roors,baby
    burnin.burnin.money til the break of dawn
    when I call up everyonedoesit and order my hundreth bong
    this isnt a poem its the truth
    its like my heart burning through and hanging from.a noose
    i hope to.win.this competion
    if not fuck it ill try again son.


    A crappy week at work
    So now i need a perk!
    I check the bank for credit,
    and get what i need from my man at EDIT.

    The man from EDIT did send,
    eventhing i need for that weekend,
    by the look of the smile on my face,
    you can that i started at a pace,
    but i went through the lot like it was a race!

    This race i did win,
    certainly went from a smile to a grin.
    now that i can relax,
    its time to refill my sacks!

    laptop on my chest as i lay,
    type in edit.co.uk,
    ooo whats this… a competition for may?

  • Bubbla

    There was a young man from Madras
    Who planted a seed up his arse
    He waited a bit & then did a shit
    And out came a big bag of Grass !!

  • rza

    an astronaut crashing in his bed, hoping its not an April fools
    my billys just been broken, when i read the good news
    edits got a prize, for those faithful lurking there blog
    a tall fucking roor i pray
    never had one of those with, no money, no job

    so hopefully this competition finishes soon, and i can resume toking
    glass on glass purity, is no less then i can accept now when smoking
    because the G-man’s got me hooked to edit like a fiend
    hook a kid up down under and for fill his dreeeaammmssss

  • Trey


    Everyone does IT everyone admits.. It’s the place to shop for pipes and gifts…
    IT is a state of mind, beyond the line and into the net…

    Watch your line in a competition It’s not called catchin it’s called fishin’

    Wish upon the wishful thinkin’ to score a box here is equal to a new glass addition… everythings here but the sink in the kitchen.

    I must give a shout out to the one ‘G’ MAN; riding his bike throwing gifts like newspappers for the ‘WE’ men; stacking them tall as skyscrapers gee man, what do I owe ya?

    HE MAN wasn’t as strong .. not even the sea man..

    signed another EDIT faithfull I HOPE IT’s MEEEE MAN !!!!!!

  • Trey

    IT is a state of mind, beyound the line and into the net… Don’t forget **

    I needed to add the don’t forget .. 🙂 sorry!

  • Bongless_Beauty

    Searching online for that custom piece,
    but now a days its hard
    because my pockets are far from deep
    when somewhere along my search, i stumbled upon some gold
    EDIT’s running a contest! so I’ll try my best to win and hold
    that priceless glass posession…whose power we cannot question
    Just thinkin of it now makes me forget about the recession!
    thnnking of that bubbling sound, which i only get to hear in my dreams,
    makes me want to cr–… oh wait! I forgot this had to be clean…
    I apologise you guys, ill cut right to the chase
    For Your tme i do not want to waste…
    I would love very much to grasp
    my very first piece of glass
    because i am so sick of all these wraps.forget Phillies
    All they do is make me hack and get real silly
    I just want to chill…and bubble in that smoke until
    My head’s in the clouds…where it should be 🙂

  • andrew


    the sweat from my brow mirrors off of my bong
    i smile and wink and nodd off to a song
    without any delay i feel the next hit
    more often then not i unload and spit
    where ever i go i can see only green
    the color of life and the blood of my dream
    should i be judged or should i be feared
    the outside pretends their life isn’t weird
    reload again and bubble it threw
    sublime effects and water dyed blue
    i spin and drift like birds through air
    herb makes my life more able to bear
    i cough to get off and all i can think
    what a great day to clean my bong in the sink

    please pick me ! THIS SITE IS AWESOME!!!!!

  • There once was a website called EDIT.
    I could hardly believe when I read it.
    It had all the best items,
    I need some money to buy ’em,
    I wish they would give me some credit.


  • eriC

    We’ll load this next bowl for everything that we’ve stood
    This hit is for everything which we’ve done when we could
    Freedom is earned in this age, and earned it will be
    One can hope to see it one day be humanity’s skeleton key.
    Until such a time I thank for the glass, the grass and giant stars of gas.

  • Loafman

    My vision quite hazy, but upbeat not lazy I decided to go for a walk,
    when all of a sudden a long came a crazy and oddly dressed man who wanted a talk.
    I think you know why sir, no don’t even try sir, and this is your bong sir? well not anymore.
    Before I could stop it, his hand in my pocket, my piece he had taken knocking me to the floor.
    But as he was leaving I noticed his hat which he must have forgotten when off he had ran,
    a gesture of peace to recover my piece, returning his headware seemed like the best plan.
    I found his white van but when looking inside it was filling with smoke and to my dismay,
    the bowl had been lit, he was taking a hit, oh everyonedoesit was all he could say.

  • andrew

    everyone one does it, because everyone should
    those that won’t try it, wish that they could
    bong hits will come and bong hits will go,
    but everyone does it and that we all know

  • andrew

    everyonedoesit, is such a great place.
    they have everything here, in one little place.

    a bong, a pipe, something new to the eye
    low shipping to all and where ever you lye

    so much to choose from, so much to search.
    welcome all people, on our planet earth.

  • Dominic Jeffereis

    And the day begins like any other.
    Cup of tea. Cigarette. Slight wince of recollection.

    I am still here.

    Inside this factory that never sleeps.

    Sirens greet the dawn.
    Another stricken mortal carried on the wings of destiny eternal.
    Will today be my time?

    Slyvia on my desk.
    Speaking in tongues indecipherable.
    But perhabs it is as writ:

    “The heart shuts. The sea slides back. The mirrors are sheeted.”

    Cup of tea. Cigarette.
    Give me a crutch and I’ll make it through.

    Photo finish though.

  • Joe

    Boy, the men at EDIT sure know their business
    Could look at this site for hours
    with my eyes tiered and hurting
    add and add to the cart until its bursting
    because shipping is low and prices are lower
    but the boys at EDIT can sure do better
    How about a free bong
    keep this dude happy all year long
    with the endless seed supplies
    and all for writing some silly rhymes
    so ether this contest
    or perhaps the next
    but I will keep trying
    until the bong rests on my desk.

  • Request for a Mate
    Ive had a best mate for 38 years,
    who on the 4th of april made a massive mistake,
    which I have to say has brought me to tears,
    he dissapeared around 2pm on the 4th,
    early next morning some info came forth,
    a call from his brother early next morn,
    brought us all shock as he’d badly been torn,
    he’d borrowed a car from another friend,
    a powerful V8 which was quite a fiend,
    he planted his foot up the inside lane,
    but ran out of road when the merge came,
    he hit the gravel on the side of the road,
    and from witness accounts lost control,
    he hit a toyota approaching head on,
    with a massive impact from the speed he was going,
    he now lies in the ICU
    also the other driver does too,
    an innocent victim of my mates mistake,
    they’re both badly hurt but i hope it’s not too late,
    my request is simple i ask for your help
    to direct your energy in the name of hope,
    they both lie in the Princess Alexandra hospital,
    but i believe with cosmic forces all things are possible,
    i ask for your energy, prayers or hope,
    whatever you believe in any help would be dope,
    i know he f*cked up but he’s still my mate,
    so any help would be greatly apreciated,
    for both of the victims in this terrible fate.
    Thank You

    this verse i have written for my mate Rory
    i’m not very poetic but a bit emotional at the moment.
    i’m not entering it for the simpathy vote i would prefer your
    energy to help him survive.
    his list of injuries include
    3 breaks in the left leg,
    1 break in the right ankle,
    bruised both kidneys which are bleeding into his bladder,
    he has a severly damaged liver,
    internal bleeding they are having trouble finding,
    fluid and blood building pressure around his heart,
    bruised both lungs rather severly,
    7 broken ribs,
    broken left collar bone,
    broken left arm,
    and some bleeding on the brain.
    he’s had 2 blood transfusions in the first 24 hours
    and is in a coma. he has pressure monitors on his
    brain and heart but is too unstable to operate on as yet.
    however he’s still fighting so anything is possible
    i ask for your help with all sincerety.
    here is a link to posts about the accident.

  • andrew

    i smoke pot
    cause i like it alot

    i smoke weed
    because i feel the need

    a joint or a bong
    they can all come along

    a blade or a lung
    will tickle your tongue

    a great big cone
    will put you in the zone

    everyone does it . com
    all their stuff is the bomb!

  • Jen

    Everyday I browse this site
    What I see before me is an utter delight

    G-Man, Sketch and the rest of the team, post offers that make me grin and beam

    One of these offers I have found is a free gift with orders over twenty five pounds

    Cannabis seed giveaways are a real treat and every other giveaway has been sweet

    Free munchies is your order for when you need food, which you will if the grass is very good 😉

    I wear my wristband with pride everyday, I get many questions about it and this is what I say

    Ordering with EDIT is never a drag, so fill up that vaporizer and pass the bag

    They sell seeds, papers and water pipes and even hoodies for those cold dark nights

    Legal highs, blunts and so much more are all available in EDIT’s store

    Roor, Ehle, Volcano and Freeek are some of the brands which I cannot wait to get and have in my hands

    The EDITOR Special is pretty damn cool. You would definitely impress the ladies with that epic tool!

    I miss the forum still, yes I do but always to EDIT I have remained true

    If I won this bong I would smoke the finest trees, sitting by the river in the warm summer breeze

    So EDIT please send me this bong for the month of May, because Everyone Does It is what we say 🙂

  • Brian

    Locked down, feeling Earth-bound.
    Higher sense of self cannot be found.
    Life seems a dull shade of gray.
    I feel like a traveler that’s been led astray.
    Until the gracious g-man comes around.

    Now I’m dancing to a joyous song.
    As I relax taking solar hits all the day long.
    There’s no worries sitting here on the moon.
    So I won’t be back down any time soon.
    I’ll never get tired of my new glass bong.

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