EveryoneDoesIt.com on MySpace

We have started adding photo galleries and some of the cooler videos we have (we’ve got some awful ones too!) to our new MySpace page under the name Every1doesit (with the number ‘1’ rather than the word ‘one’).

Our Facebook account was closed down due to us being evil folk peddling drug paraphernalia (I assume this is the reason as they haven’t actually responded to our emails yet). We may get a new page started but it will no longer be what we had hoped it would be as they won’t let us. Hopefully the MySpace account (spelt ‘Every1doesit’) will allow us to gather together friends, fans and followers for new giveaways and the latest product news and all that malarkey.

NOTE TO FACEBOOK FAN PAGE GIVEAWAY WINNERS: We hadn’t heard back from everybody who won, but we also managed to send out only a couple of the prizes before the account was shut down. I have the list of names of who won, so if one of them was you then email me at blog@everyonedoesit.com with your address to send the prize to and we will get them sent. Cheers, and my apologies for the extra hassle.


  • IV-XX

    Havn’t signed into my myspace in 2 years, but I did for this.

    Way lame of facebook in all honesty, but now all that surprised.

    Glad to know your twitter feed is still active.

    I didn’t win in the facebook givaway, but i’ll take one of the prizes if it still goes unclaimed……..just ’cause i’m that selfless. (n_n)

  • justin

    same here edit i would take any avilable prize. i tried to win the facebook giveaway but didnt win. thanks!! u guys rock!!

  • Joey B

    wow…that was pretty gay of facebook..
    although i shouldn’t really care..not to be snarky but im pretty sure i wasn’t entered in the facebook contest even though i was the 10th friend or follower..i probably was and just missed the part where it showed my name
    well good luck with myspace..

  • Marie

    I’d give them a few more days to claim, then whatever is left over you should add in for a Youtube giveaway or a small MySpace one.

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