The end of March will mark the beginning of the EDIT messy weekender!
G-man and the EDIT crew are off into the forest to complete some ‘team building’ exercises.
In true EDIT fashion we are leaving it down to you guys to help us out with our supplies.
So far we have our compulsory elf, a bearded woman and an articulated lorry full of spirits, but we are deciding what we need from the warehouse.
With over 7000 products live on the site you can imagine the arguments which arise between ourselves, on what to take with the limited space we have.
That’s where you guys come in… We are looking for the most creative, and useful ideas from our product range.
All you guys have to do is compile a little hamper of no more than 7 our products, all we ask is that you compile the url links of the products and post them on our blog along with your name.
The G-man will pick a winner from the best selection of products chosen.
The winner will receive an AWESOME Pure Glass Bong!
Easy as that! Come on guys… help us be happy campers!


  • ev vizor

    this would be great to take to a festival:

    first a 5 man tent, you can get everyone in it, lots of room for your stuff

    you need to get your things in, everyone needs batteries at a festival, so this is a great stash idea:

    Glow sticks are a must for raving, the number one accessory….

    get some light in that tent, or in the woods:

    get the party started with a beer bong, you know it’s a good idea..chug chug chug

    a lighter leash, to make sure you can toke, don’t drop the lighter…

    and a high powered lighter, nothing the wind can stop:

    the best bong for the trip, can be collapsed for easy travel:

    a really good grinder is essential:

    stay clean and fresh with the mini festival pack, it has all the bits and bobs like face wipes, condoms and earplugs

    finally a Combo Gift Set!

  • Jade King

    Space to hangout and to sleep= Yukon 5 Tent
    Easy to find in the dark and no breakable glass= Black Leaf Bubble Ice Twist Bong
    Extra protection= Sativa Bong Bag
    Perfect for campfire chillin= Wooden Chillum
    Gotta have one on holiday = Platinum Blunts – Mello Mango
    All natural = Smoking Eco Hemp Papers
    Hate not being able to find roach= Tips
    When there is no power to run a volcano = Iolite Vaporizer
    Nothing worse than having everything but a flame= Waterproof Matches
    For outdoor entertainment= Metro Meteor Poi
    To put a light on the situation= Camping Lantern
    Never leave home without it= Camping Micro Pillow
    Cant survive without a morining brew= Camping Kettle
    Blend in = Sativa Hemp Baseball Cap

    Just the essentials lol

  • Kyle T

    You guys are going to need a tent

    Def need one of these as well for when the campfire goes out…LED Lantern

    This covers all of your hygiene needs for sure…..Festival Weekend Survival Kit

    Will need one of these per person….Sleeping Bag

    You will need both of these for when the munchies kick in and you need some tea!…….Asado Grill

    Camping Kettle

    I would take two of these so your not having to post up on the ground or anything…Camping Chair

    Your going to need some sweet snacks!

    Can’t go wrong with some cards. You could play poker or a drinking game. Two birds with one stone!

    Nothing like getting your rave on in the woods with your drank.

    You never know you might get a little lonely out in the woods haha…LA Bondage

    No matter what happens you still will be able to have fun with this. No way anyone could ever break it out in the woods. Incredibowl

    Just in case you guys find a comfy place and want to play with some glass. RooR Bong – Rasta Logo

    Gotta protect the glass!

    Bring this if you guys are trying to get into the complete nature mindset. All natural. Bamboo Bong

    You will need this if people are trying to find your goodies. It will blend in 100%

    Bring these for the car ride to the campsite and for walking around during the day exploring nature! Flavoured Rips

    The most essential thing of all. FIRE!…And it’s windproof. No need for matches.

    That’s about it. I can’t thing of anything else that you will need to have a blast camping. Just remember to relax and enjoy nature and nothing could go wrong…unless you find some wild crazy mushrooms. Have fun guys!

  • Johan340



    Kettle for morning coffee/tea:

    A few chairs:

    Sleeping bags:
    (pillows on free will, I use the sleeping bag cover an stuff with the jacket to save weight)

    Water purifier:


    Or: Bong B

    Also there can never be a true outdoor activity without a Chillum to share among friends:



    (got room for all the accessory’s and munchies)

    Smoking herb:



    Would be my kit from the store for a trip to the nature with friends any day of the week.

    Also included food and beverage to each liking and other herbs of course : )

  • Dan

    -Deliver’s hits as smooth as a bong, but without taking up all that extra space in your backpack.

    -So you can all find each other at night…or have a rave, its up to you.

    -A mini hookah, good way to relax during or after a party, and small enough to take with you.

    -Everything you need to make sure you don’t die!

    -Just for fun

    -A small grinder, a must have for any trip

    -Gotta have something to do, and these cards won’t rip or stain!

    Incense, just in case somebody farts in the tent

    -Guaranteed clean drinking water!

    -A sleeping bag…but only 1, you all have to share if you want this team building thing to be successful!

  • Shelbeezy

    These are tasty as funk. I wouldn’t smoke using anything else.

    And like 10 packs of these. Super tasty.

    And then like 3 of these. Don’t destroy nature!

    And now… the fun part.
    This shit is boss.

    And this is cool.

    And to mix it up…
    An EHLE Steam Roller

    Boss lighters. Share it and don’t be a slob.

    Then you need all your beer, and munchies and you’re good to go! This is a camping trip I’ve experienced many times so it’s fool proof to be fun. (:

  • Thatwunguy

    You’re camping, space is limited, you’ll want to pack light. Here are the essentials you’ll need to minimize space and maximize spaciness.

    You’ll want to be courteous and cautious when consuming in communal quarters, so take solo flights to the moon with the magic flight launch box kit in a tin.

    You could buy a bag for your bong, but then you’re walking around with a bong-bag. Boy, you’re better off getting a baggable-bong, that is, a Water Pipe that fits in a Woman’s Purse. All you’ll need for you’re time away from your precious ROOR collection is this little 100ml EHLE Ice Cylinder Bong:
    It’s durable, efficient, and it even holds ice, for the ladies.

    Some gringos get greedy about the right to grind the green, you might call it dust-lust. Thus, grab an agreeably sized space case grinder -sans dust separation – for easy packing, and easy packing:

    Bring the prettiest piece
    that fits any place,
    and you might be staying at hers:

    No one can follow directions anymore. And I’m not talking about Adult Film Stars. GPS has taken over! Practice reading maps by hiding one of these in your atlas every 12 pages. The Fold-a-bowl pipe’s directions are so easy to follow, even a cavewoman could do it.

    People can’t ever come to clean their cars. It might be march, but January’s junk is still jam-packing the trunk. If winter’s residue resides in your ride, you’re rx will have a place to hide, in this de-icer stash can. Throw it in among the rest of you’re junk, but don’t lend it to anyone!

    You’ll need a lighter. Probably more than one. The original clipper lighter is still the best lighter for …. enthusiasts. With their refillable design, removable poker, and round shape, they prove useful in many situations. Pick up as many as you think you’ll need.

    WAIT wait wait wait, before you close that luggage, don’t forget your rolling accessories. Pipes and pieces are pleasant, but paper can be perfect. The wonderful workers at EDIT put together a very special gift set, Combo Gift Set 3, to meet the needs of smokers on the go. With three different types of Smoking brand papers, roaches, scent spray, a pipe, a j-tube, and blunt wraps, all in a sealable bag. And it fits in your carry-on!

    You’ll also need a tent, and if you are ordering all of the stuff on this list already (or if you have access to the EDIT warehouse), get yourself a 2/3 person tent. I do believe that is 2 or 3 persons and not two-thirds of one person. Eitherway, this tent has all the pockets, flaps, and zippers you’ll need. And it looks kind of cool.

    You’re probably forgetting something aren’t you. I remember my first time. “Honey, do you have condoms? Sweetie, did you remember your deodorant? Schnookums, where are your glowsticks?” My mother ran through an entire list of embarassing, impractical, and vital equipment for the trip. It just so happens that all of the stuff on my mom’s list fits nicely in this little shell, the Festival Weekend Survival Kit.

    So that’s that. You should have everything you need and want for your camping trip. Everything will fit in the bags you’re already bringing, and not weigh you down in the meantime.

    Where did you say you were camping? You are leaving your yard aren’t you?

  • Shiva420

    I have always found that too much stuff camping becomes a clutter and before you know it, stuff gets lost, so here’s my minimalistic approach.

    Lewis Tent

    First things first, need a tent. I would take a couple of these instead of a 5-man for the sake of privacy and sense of community, ie based around a campfire, and easier to keep individuals’ stuff apart.

    Sleeping Bag

    Rolling Mat

    Micro Pillow

    Sleeping bags, pillows and mats as standard, of course.

    Camping Chair

    Not sure if items of stock are counted, but you’ll certainly need a few of these babies around the fire for chilling.


    You’ll need light, obviously.

    Unilite Lighter

    Need this to spark up the fire for marshmellows and such like.

    Fire Bucket BBQ

    A must for DYI munchies, if you can be arsed. Can also be used to store your bits and bobs whilst on the move.


    Let’s face it, taking glassware into the woods isn’t the smartest idea, so why not enjoy a social smoke in style with this instead? No need to worry about sparking up time after time, just light it up once and you’re set for the night.

    Knaster Smoking Blend

    Party size for parties.

    Smoking Eco Papers

    Papers and roach, again as standard.

    Molino Spoon Pipe

    Can’t go wrong with a nice pipe.

    LA Bondage

    Finally, this for… You know.

  • loafman

    First you have to look the part. Wrap youselves in a throw and put in a couple of these lenses for camo.

    Predator is alone but quite dangerous so you’re gonna have to distract him. Tie a couple of Flashing Rubber Star Necklaces to this Kite and while he’s looking the other way quickly pop up one of these tents and zip it up, (aliens can’t undo zips).

    Now you gotta get something to subdue him, this EHLE should do it (you’ll need this), but if that’s not enough, he’ll probably get a little thirsty so pour a little something through the netting .

    Once he’s asleep you’ll have to use this to grind him up (harsh but it’s him or you) and then you’ll need a few of these jars to store him while you study him with this scope.

    After all that you could probably do with this Kingpin Blunt!

  • Darren

    Keep it simple, large golf brolly for shelter. Big bag as a ponco.

    Empty you top 30 bestsellers in a bag, shred some VAT receipts and dump in the bag. Now you have a weekend lucky dip! Don’t forget the water bottles!!! You need clean water to rinse the pint glasses out 😉

    If the stuffs good you sit under the brolly living it up like you in country spa … GRINNING of course.


    Where most of the crew will sleep.

    Another tent for the lucky couple that get lucky and need privacy.

    Box of 24 OBVIOUSLY.

    You’re always going to need a lighter.

    What else are pillows used for?

    And of course a sleeping bag.

    No need for a lantern, grinder, chairs, pipes, bongs or a BBQ.

    Keep it real and kick it old school, campfire, break it up by hand, find a comfy log to sit on and get some blunts on the go.

  • Mufasa

    Your going camping in the great outdoors where the air is fresh and your surrounding are just waiting to be explored and enjoyed by a group of happy enthusiastic Editonions.

    For this reason i think the all natural theme should comply with products you take, no city life rizzla or metal pipes etc. Hemp and wood seems like the way forward to get into the camping mindset.

    Firstly i have gone for dragon patterned grinder for many reasons, one it is wooden so it may be a previous friend of one of the trees in the forest and that would be an awesome reunion for them and secondly after you have consumed some of your botanical happiness the pattern may spur you on to go in search of some wild dragons.

    Next i have gone for a stone chillum so you can make the trip a satorial event as you all light up your chillums round a campfire like the Sadhu’s up in the mountains.

    For my next camping essential i have gone for the roor 5mm little sista, she is beautiful to smoke and will send you to a stage of euphoria which will be put to its full use in the wild and wonderful woods.

    My 4th product is a hemp bong bag for the little sista to keep her safe and warm under the stars.

    There is nothing more social than sitting round with a group of friends and smoking, so to keep things natural in the process i have thrown in a hemp roach book (maxi pack so it last for the trip), and some smoking eco hemp papers to keep you and the vegetation around you happy.

    And finally… A pop up tent (no messing around setting things up) just incase the english weather doesn’t provide you a sufficient climate to sleep under the stars

    Hope you guys enjoy this list and have an awesome trip.

  • OGFox

    Ok so lets start with the bare essentials; mother nature’s the strongest force on earth and only a 7mm thick piece will suffice. Compact, but sturdy and effective, the little sista has got to be the campers bong of choice.

    keeping the rawness of your surroundings in mind these 2 are a must for any camper:
    Raw Papers

    Now we have the bare essentials sorted trivial items such as tents can be considered. Gotta have a pop up tent because lets face it, what stoner’s gunna bother with anything else?

    We’ve got the essentials, a roof over our heads, now just for those few special comforts that make the trip a complete sucess.

    some added warmth is always going to be appreciated when in the great outdoors,a fire sleeping bag is what most people would reccomend, but nothing tickles the cockles of your heart better than a casual bottle of 90% ABV absinthe

    you’re pretty much packed, bong,papers,grinder,tent and alcohol. There’s only two more things needed, it’s difficult to spark up a cig or rip a bong in gale force winds, but don’t fear, your turbo lighter is wind resistant and reliable.

    Last but certainly not least, a torch. You don’t want to rinse the gas on your turbo lighter whilst trying to find the skins or pack a bowl

    and your set, sleeping bag you say? a matress?…you aren’t chilled enough

  • Iamshpongled

    1.A place to sleep
    It’s always good to keep dry and warm when out in the wilderness!

    2. It’s a necessity
    sleeping bag!
    Having a nice sleep after being outside all day is the best!! Kick off your hiking boots and smoke one of….

    its always good to kick back with a nice blunt in the middle of nature. there’s nothing better.

    4.This beast would be good for inside that tent up there ^^!
    Lay back for added relaxation

    5.Get in touch with your inner self.
    Sit in the middle of nature and listen to the sweet sound of ohm, what holds our universe together.

    6.Let there be light
    Is there anything else I even need to say? you need to see at night.

    7.And last but not least everything in this pack will prove useful.
    When you keep good hygiene out in the woods, and don’t smell absolutely terrible, trust me, your buddies will thank you.

    Take it from me, I know camping, I have lived in Colorado my whole life! I love nature and its good to get away from civilization once in a while!


  • Jon Dallas

    Pure Glass 7mm Freezable Coil Bong

    Well since its a Pure comp its only right that you should have a sweet piece of Pure glass in your kit and this just looks awesome.

    Brown Sugar Rolls – Island Blend

    Quite simply the best tasting wraps I have ever had, I am addicted to these.
    They are 1 1/2 wide so you can roll nice and fat, and they don’t taste as harsh as most other wraps a definite must have.

    Turbo Lighter – Chrome and Black

    Well lets face it you are gonna need to burn stuff during your trip to the forest so you need a lighter, but this being the UK and the weather being like it is then you better make damn sure you get one that can do the job in a force 9 gale 🙂

    Juicy Jay’s King Size Papers – Mango

    Clearly you will need some papers and for me it needs to be Juicy Jays King Size mango, they smell awesome, nice sweet fruity smell and they are perfect for the job cos usually it usually only takes around 90 seconds to roll one up.

    Smelly Proof Baggie – Extra Large

    Again you are going camping and this being the UK you are going to need something light and waterproof to keep your essentials in.

    HoodLamb Hemp Winter Jacket – Classic Black

    Something else you will need is a nice warm jacket and what better than something made from hemp and 100% eco friendly.

    Dome Tent – Yukon-5 – 5 Man Tent

    Lastly the tent, I went for the 5 man option cos its big and you never know you might bump into some real eco friendly models who are gutted because the rain soaked all their smoking supplies….mmmmmm 😀


  • Jack

    You all seem to be trying to hard =/ this is all I took and I can’t even remember the damn festival


    Bong – Small and convenient

    Give the bong a bigger kick

    Lighter – In case there’s a breeze

    To be honest, you might not even need the tent, it’s only really to hide the other stuff in when you walk in

  • Joe

    We’ll start with four buddies. (Can’t buy those here…[Idea?]) …so you’ll need shelter with adequate space for all of you, five guys in a tent could get weird…

    5 Man Tent

    Nothing better than five dudes in the great outdoors enjoying (a) great plant. Mother nature is relentless and punishing so only the best and strongest will survive. Roor’s Little Sista is a classic 7mm beaker is thick and it’s sturdy beaker base makes it excellent to sit around a camp fire and pass around. Make sure to pop a light stick inside so you always know where it is!

    RooR Icemaster

    Glow Sticks

    Why not take the rest of the glow sticks and play capture the flag at night, right after a good session “cuz everything is better…”

    Tip: DON’T forget eye drops! Studies indicate that people with red eyes are at risk of bear attacks. So don’t risk it and take these bad boys.

    Redeye Eye Drops

    After prolonged use of the Roor, and intense night games, most of you will be hungry. So pop out a few boxes of Chocolate Hemp Nibbles to munch on, you’ll gather up some energy, while remaining environmentally friendly.

    Chocolate Nibbles

    But before you leave your great trip, make it a regular activity for you and your friends, and commemorate the occasion with some souvenirs!

    Seedsman Seeds – Afghan No. 1

    P.S. That was six items, and one can never have too many munchies (not until the next day at least) so pack a few more of these while we’re at it.

    Hemp Nibbles

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