So the EDIT messy weekender was a hit, and has left G-man and his EDIT-heads feeling… well, MESSY!

All I can say is that it was interesting (to say the least), as we all know what happens in the forest stays in the forest! 🙂

Our trip came complete with florescent deer, a band of mimes and copious amounts of EDIT fun.

It is at this point I would like to thank all those who entered to provide their pearls of wisdom to aid us in our team building endeavours.

We took on board all suggestions, and the guys and I sat around the campfire for hours picking a  winner.

So without further ado, CONGRATULATIONS to…


Whose competition entry the guys deemed most worthy of winning a Pure Glass Bong.

If “Mufasa” can send a confirmation of delivery address to marketing@everyonedoesit.com I will ensure your prize gets dispatched ASAP!

Once again thank you guys for all your entries, you helped prepare far better than I would have, I am sure of it!

In fact you guys done so well I may just get you to plan our next trip as the  competition, but let us recover from this one first and we’ll see! 🙂

Until then EDITonions… Peace

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