Team EDIT Heads Stateside For American Glass Expo

Well, the jetlag is starting to ease up a little, the boss has learnt the hard way that we need to drive on the right side of the road, and we’re genuinely coming round to the idea of eating literally whatever we want for breakfast.  Yes, that’s right, us Limeys have arrived in America’s Playground, Las Vegas, for the American Glass Expo (AGE).

The AGE is a very prestigious event that exists in order to promote and support American made glass.  Held at the Alexis Park resort in fabulous Las Vegas, the list of exhibitors at the AGE is basically a who’s who of the American glass industry; with exhibition booths from big names like Hitman Glass, Sheldon Black, Illadelph and Roor Tech as well as dozens of smaller, emerging studios, we knew that this was not a show to miss.

Hitman Glass - Baby Hammerhead Sundae Cup Oil RigGrav Labs - Sprocket Disc Perc Bubbler Aqua Accents - Grav Gold CollectionRoor Tech - Double Recycler Bong - Black

American glass bongs and oil rigs are always immensely popular with our customers, and we have made it our business to source as much of the very best US glass as we can.  We have already made deals with new suppliers in the last couple of days, and we are confident that we will find more glass while we are here that is worth busting the chequebook out for.

So, keep your eyes on EDIT in the coming weeks as there is sure to be a glut of top quality glass smoking apparatus arriving very soon.

If you’re at the show, or in Vegas, come and say hello!  We’ll be the guys with the heavy shopping bags and the very expensive additional baggage allowance.

It’s been a pleasure, ‘merica!

Best Ever Savings With EDIT’s GOSH January Sale

Well, EDIT-Heads, Christmas is now behind us and the beardy man has gone back North to refill his sack ready for next time.

Here at EDIT HQ we are having a HUGE clearance sale to make room for all the new stock which will be arriving throughout 2015.

Our January GOSH sale stands for Great Offers Start Here and EDIT-Heads – this is no joke.  This is easily the biggest sale we have ever launched, featuring hundreds and hundreds of products including vaporizers, glass pipes, tubes and bongs, grinders, shishas and much more, all with massive savings:

15" Beaker Glass Bongs by Headdies

This 15” Beaker Bong from Headdies is made in the USA from premium quality borosilicate glass.  Featuring an integrated diffuser, ice notches and a 22 carat GOLD Headdies logo, this is a beautiful bong, fit for any connoisseur.  Right now, it’s just £45.85 in the GOSH sale – a saving of 52%!

JT-2 Scales - 350

These large digital scales are capable of weighing up to 350g loads with incredible accuracy.  Ideal for the kitchen or for jewellery.  Right now, we are offering a 43% saving on these pans, saving you £18.19!  Order today before we sell out.

Christina Cody Sherlock Glass Pipe - Lady With Necklace

This glass Sherlock pipe from U.S. lampworker, Christina Cody is now better than half price at just £112.18.  Cody’s glass pieces are highly prized in the States for their unique designs and incredible quality.  Here’s your chance to grab one at an unbelievable price.

The entire GOSH section contains all of our discounted products in one place.  Feel free to browse – you’re sure to find yourself a bargain.  And remember; you still get same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee on every purchase and FREE shipping on orders over £99.

Glass Bowls And Slides

There are many reasons why you would need a spare bowl for your bong.  Replacements for cracked or broken parts, for aesthetic reasons – to brighten your waterpipe up, or, more commonly, because you want a bigger bowl to pack more herbage into.

We understand.  That’s why we carry this enormous range of glass bowls and slides in a multitude of colours, shapes and joint sizes.

Weed Star Crystal Bowl - Deep AmberWeed Star Crystal Bowl - Diamonds Are For a BitWeed Star Crystal Bowl - Mock EmeraldWeed Star Crystal Bowl - Sapphire Surprise

The Crystal Bowl by Weed Star is designed to resemble a precious gemstone, sitting atop your bong like a crown jewel.  Available in four different sparkly colours – deep amber, mock emerald, sapphire surprise and diamond.  The Crystal Bowl has an 18.8mm joint size to fit any bong of that standard size.  The large bowl will fit a good amount of tobacco or legal smoking herbs to give you a memorable hit each and every time.

Black Leaf Double Filteration Bowl 'Cool B'

The Cool B Bowl by Black Leaf features twin percolators incorporated into the bowl itself.  The bowl filters your smoke twice, removing carcinogens and particulates and giving an exceptionally smooth hit.  So effective are the percolators on this slide, you’ll think you’re smoking a percolator bong.  The bowl is made from clear glass and bears the ‘Cool B’ legend around the side.  Available to fit both standard joint sizes, 14.5mm or 18.8mm (see dropdown on product page)

These are just a couple of examples from our fantastic range of glass bowls.  The full collection can be viewed here.

Don’t forget – every order placed up until 4:20 – April 20th gains entry to our prize draw to win a limited edition EHLE 420 glass waterpipe.  Don’t delay, order today.

Weed Star Stemless Inline Glass Bongs – Red Line Series

Weed Star Stemless Inline Glass Bongs – Red Line Series

The all new Weed Star series has arrived here at EDiT HQ and is already provingt to be a smash hit with everyone! The latest additions to the range feature some really cool and unique Drum Percs fitted inline to get maximum surface area of smoke through the water.

WeedStar Barrel Bong

WeedStar Barrel Stemless Inline Bong

This piece really does remind me of some of the Micro Toro’s that we had in earlier last year, with the change of different diameter glass tubing. The mouthpiece is a relatively small 34mm but it is sat above a barrel nearly twice its size, and gases as we know lose heat as they expand, so the physics on this piece is brilliant. The inline has three drum percs, with the whole piece being fed through a stemless system utilizing an 18.8mm jointed bowl. The really vibrant Red Lines logo by Weed Star sets the piece off and for only £56.95 it really does represent superb value for money. Read all about its amazing specification here.

WeedStar 24-7 Bong – One for everyday use.

WeedStar Twentyfour Seven Stemless Perc Bong

This bong has been made to last with a superb 5mm glass thickness, this will rapidly become your everyday bong! The stemless piece again benefits form an 18.8 jointed glass bowl, running into a 2 drum perc on the inline section, but then in aa typical Ziggy Jackson twist this then rises into a clutch of Showerhead Percs that are set below the Ice Notches on this piece. It is really a well crafted glass bong and it is sure to sell out very quickly at an amazing £64.95 price point. Don’t miss out, buy online now

Weed Star Grinder Watch

Weed Star have created the Grinder Watch! This is a magnificent new piece in store that we’re sure you’ll love. It is a truly unique multifunctional product that can be worn on your wrist as a fashion accessory. This stylish watch is a fully functional clock that doubles up into a grinder underneath. They come in a variety of colours, the hands glow in the dark and the WS logo is decorated at top centre. There is a men’s and ladies version of this product created by the legend himself … Ziggy Jackson.


Whilst waiting for our regular bits and pieces the guys at Weed Star sent a shipment of NEW little beauties, and as soon as we opened the box there were arms everywhere… and not ours!

In this great new range we found:

WS Series Messias Illusion 5mm – 9 Arm Perc Glass Bong With Splash Guard

WS Series Messias Illusion 5mm – 12 Arm Perc Glass Bong With Splash Guard

WS Series Messias Illusion 5mm – 12 Arm Perc Glass Bong (Blue)

As well as a…

WS Series Helium 5mm – Halo Perc Glass Bong


Weed Star TX Burner Blue-Eye Glass Bong

All of which absolutely ooze cool, so don’t delay, check the NEW Weed Star today!





This latest addition from Weed Star is a piece of art in itself, the ‘Smellchecker‘ features not just a single 6 slit internal diffuser but also a built in glass extension which not only acts as a pre-cooler but also optimizes the dispersion rate and surface area which the smoke is exposed to, meaning the smoke is cooled and filtered twice before reaching the tube.

As if that wasn’t enough the 46cm cylindrical tube is characterised by 3 ‘cool’ ice notches (excuse the pun!), a sandblasted ‘WS‘ logo and a funky worked base, making it a stunning piece to look at as well as use.
Build quality is of the utmost boasting 5mm thick glass, and a user friendly tube width of 65mm.
The product comes complete with ‘Weed Star‘ logo diffuser and bowl, making it a welcome addition to any glass collection!


Weed Star Reducing Diffuser 18.8 to 14.5


Behold the Weed Star Reducing Diffuser! It’s a diffuser that fits into an 18.8 bong, but is smaller on the inside to take a 14.5 bowl. Each one bears the blue Weed Star logo on the glass. As usual, Ziggi Jackson and the Weed Star Glass gang have provided great quality glassware at even greater prices, and this useful piece of kit is available in a number of lengths so you can the perfect fit for your set-up.


Weed Star Reducing Diffuser 18.8 to 14.5
Weed Star Reducing Diffuser 18.8 to 14.5



View or Buy Weed Star Reducing Diffuser 18.8 to 14.5

Weed Star Diffusers


Puncture-hole diffusers from Weed Star Glass are fantastic value and great quality too. Replace your standard downstem with a diffuser to disperse the smoke into a myriad of bubbles as it passes through into the bong’s water chamber. This diffusion process provides an extra smooth hit, making your smoking experience even more enjoyable.

These Weed Star Diffusers are available with either a 14.5 or 18.8 sized joint. Check the drop-down underneath the description on the product page to select your required length (measured in centimetres from the top edge of the joint socket to the tip).


Weed Star Diffusers are great. Fact. Deal with it.
Weed Star Diffusers are great. Fact. Deal with it.


View or Buy Weed Star Diffuser 18.8

View or Buy Weed Star Diffuser 14.5

Weed Star EPIC Precooler


The amazing Weed Star EPIC Percolated Precooler is an absolute beast featuring a 14-slit inline diffuser as well as a 6-arm percolator. The Weed Star Epic Pre-cooler takes an 18.8 bowl and fits an 18.8 bong, though be careful when attaching it as this beast of a piece will topple light-weight bongs.

The Weed Star Epic percolated pre-cooler is most suited to the WS Connector – a long mouthpiece with a female joint for attaching a pre-cooler or bowl – though with care it can be attached to most bongs, especially the heavier ones such as bongs with 7mm glass. Always, always be careful with a heavy attachment like this though.

Proudly emblazoned with both the WS Series and original Weed Star logos, the Weed Star Epic Pre-cooler is a magnificent addition to any glass set-up.


View or Buy Weed Star EPIC Precooler 18.8