How to measure your bong or dab rig’s downstem


How to Measure your Downstem or Diffuser when looking for a replacement for your Bong or Dab Rig.

So you passed your piece to a mate for a hit and Mr.Clumsy MOFO dropped it and broke the downstem? Or you have heard how great the RooR Diffuser is and fancy getting one for your piece but don’t know how to measure your downstem? Never fear here is our definitive guide to measuring both the joint size of your piece and the correct length of your downstem.

First things first, what size joint you sucking?

Every glass piece in the main both in the sci-glass realm and even in custom bespoke glass work operate to set sizes. These sizes are produced in their millions for scientific glassblowers to use. We just use the same glass pieces for ease of use.

So how do you tell a joint size?

The joint size is calculated by measuring across the top of your joint using a ruler that has millimeters marked on it. You then measure your joint across the top to determine what Joint size you have, it really is that simple. (Your little finger will fit to the first knuckle on a 14.5 and to the second knuckle on an 18.8 if you dont have a ruler)

Sometimes a piece will come with a reducing ground joint. This means that the inside joint most commonly would be 14.5 for your slide BUT the bong joint would be 18.8 for the downstem. You will no doubt know if you own a piece like this as the bowl will not fit directly into the bong joint.

How to make sure I buy the right downstem length?

This is even easier than you can imagine but it’s very important that we get the measure from the right place. So first things first… do you have a downstem for your piece? If so go to Step 1. If you don’t have a downstem for your piece or it is broken into a thousand pieces go to Step 2.

Step 1


Take a ruler or tape measure that has millimeters on it and measure from the top of the ground joint that fits into your piece. Don’t worry if you don’t have a metric ruler you can always use an imperial ruler then convert the inches into millimeters -1 inch = 25mm. See the diagram. You’re measuring from the top of your downstem to the tip of your downstem and that is the length you need. You can now buy a downstem that is that length. It will fit perfectly – if you are buying a roor diffuser we often recommend going .5mm smaller to allow for variations in the ends of the diffuser downstem – due to them being entirely handmade.

Step 2

My downstem is broken what should I do? First, get rid of any broken glass you don’t want to cut yourself. Then find a piece of dowel or a pencil would do it for smaller pieces. So long as it fits through the joint without touching the sides would be fine. You also need to grab a pen to make a mark on the wood.


Now using a ruler measure that distance and take 1cm off and that is the length you need to replace your downstem. Take off 1cm so your downstem fits perfectly.


We hope this tutorial fully covers everything you need to know about measuring your piece for a refit or upgrade. Our knowledgable staff are more than happy to answer questions.

Game On – VapeXhale Cloud Evo Lays Down Challenge To Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano vaporizer from Storz & Bickel has, for many years, reigned supreme over the desktop vaporizer market.

Volcano Vaporiser Digital

It is easily the sleekest, best-built, best performing home vaporizer – a yardstick by which all other desktop vaps should be measured.

Although there are many other desktop vapes available, none of the offerings can hold a candle to the Volcano.  Until now.  It’s just possible that the team at VapeXhale have created a challenger to the Volcano’s crown – the VapeXhale Cloud Evo.

The VapeXhale Cloud Evo is the new, improved version of VapeXhale’s original Cloud vaporizer.  The improvements on the original model are many and various and appear to have made a massive difference.


Firstly, the VapeXhale Cloud Evo features an all-glass vapour pathway – a simple, but often overlooked feature that positively ensures pure, clean vapour thanks to the inert, non-reactive nature of glass.

Secondly, the Cloud Evo is equipped with an advanced convection heating system which the manufacturers call Perpetuheat (PHS).

Basically, the Perpetuheat system ensures that vaping temperature is consistent, irrespective of changes in airflow.  That means that you can inhale from the VapeXhale Cloud Evo however you wish.  There is no fiddly technique to learn with the Cloud Evo; rip on it like a bong or sip on it like a fine wine – you’ll get exactly the same results – thick, milky vapour bursting with natural flavours.  The improved system also delivers faster heat up times, fully adjustable temperatures and the versatility to vaporize both dry herbs and flowers as well as wax, oils and sticky concentrates.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer With Tree Perc HydraTube

Best of all, the VapeXhale Cloud Evo is compatible with a choice of glass mouthpiece attachments.  Whereas the Volcano is designed for use with a balloon, the Cloud Evo’s glass-on-glass joint can fit a standard glass mouthpiece attachment, or any of the optional Hydrotube glass water attachments.  The VapeXhale offers an unrivalled coolness and smoothness of vapour when used with a water bubbler attachment.

Not since the launch of the Volcano a few years back has there been such a leap forward in vaping technology.  The Cloud Evo is built by vapers, for vapers – a true connoisseur’s choice for a desktop vaporizer.

VapeXhale Cloud Evo Vaporizer With Sidecar Circ Perc HydraTube

The VapeXhale Cloud Evo comes packaged as a complete kit which includes everything you’ll need to start vaping straight away, including your choice of glass Hydrotube.  As usual, when you buy the VapeXhale from EDIT you’ll get free shipping, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

Opinicus 9 – Californian Art Glass Now At EDIT

Opinicus 9 are another American art glass company that we came across on one of our many recent visits to the US as we continue to embark on our largest purchasing campaign ever.

We’ve been attending trade shows and glass exhibitions all over America as we search for the finest glass smoking products to bring home to the EDIT website.

Opinicus 9 - Classic Frit SpoonOpinicus 9 - Clear Satellite Honey Roller Oil Rig

Based in San Diego, California, Opinicus 9 are a family run glass company with some serious glassblowing talent at their disposal.

Using the finest American borosilicate glass, the Opinicus 9 team have crafted this range of beautiful glass oil rigs and spoon pipes aimed at connoisseur smokers and glass collectors.

Opinicus 9 - Fumed Satellite Honey Roller Oil Rig

The Opinicus 9 Fumed Satellite Honey Roller Oil Rig looks an absolute picture with the frosted glass honeycomb work and fumed accents on the diffuser, dome and mouthpiece.  Standing just 21cm tall, the Honey Roller is equipped with an integrated diffuser downstem which cools and smoothes the smoke or oil vapour by breaking the mixture up and increasing the surface area.  The water in the chamber bubbles up as you inhale, again providing a cooling filtration effect.  The resultant hit is smooth, cool and bursting with flavours, untainted by the pure inert glass.  A real discerning smoker’s piece from an emerging glass studio with a very bright future.

Opinicus 9 - Rasta Lion Frit Spoon

The Rasta Lion Frit Spoon Pipe is a quality glass hand pipe with iconic styling.  The pipe is made by pouring crushed glass or frit into the spoon while the glass is still hot.  This technique is what creates the remarkable finish that you see on Opinicus 9 frit pipes.  The pipe is perfectly smooth to the touch but has the fritted effect sealed underneath the outer layer of the pipe.  Each pipe is equipped with a carb hole or rush hole to help you get the most from each hit.

There is an entire range of Opinicus 9 glass available to buy from EDIT immediately.  All the glass oil rigs are available with free worldwide shipping, same day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

American Beauty – Stunning Glass Oil Rigs From Across The Pond

Team EDIT have spent a good amount of time in the USA over the last few months.  We’ve been visiting glass shows and trade exhibitions left, right and centre as we embark on the largest purchasing campaign we’ve ever undertaken.

We’re stocking up the EDIT shelves with the hottest new products that are being used by connoisseur smokers in states like Colorado, Washington and Oregon.

Newport Zero Jumbo Butane Torch

The biggest difference between the US and the European cultures is perhaps the meteoric rise of the dabbing and oil scene in the USA.

Discerning American smokers have fully embraced the concept of wax, oils and other sticky concentrates.  This shift in smoking style has spawned a whole new raft of specialist glassware designed specifically for use with concentrates and essential oils.

Grav Labs - Box Perc Bubbler Black Accents - Grav Gold CollectionSidecar Shower Head Perc Oil Rig - Dr GreenThumbDab Vac - Headdies Glass

The speed with which the American market has become littered with this specialist glass is indicative of two things:  firstly, that the 710 generation is unquestionably here to stay, and secondly that the American appetite for heady and scientific glass has encouraged some frankly, astonishing leaps in design that have resulted in some of the most amazing glass pieces we have ever seen.

Naturally, we’ve brought as much of this glass back to EDIT HQ to allow our beloved EDIT-Heads the chance to own a piece of genuine American art glass without needing to order from overseas.

Hitman Glass - Baby Turbine Sundae Cup Oil Rig With Black Lip

Our latest acquisitions include a selection of beautifully made oil rigs from Hitman Glass.  The unique styling of Hitman Glass is sure to make each piece a talking point as soon as it comes to the table.  With cutting edge percolation methods like the proprietary Brilliance Turbine perc, the Hitman range is made from the finest borosilicate glass at the Hitman Glass studio in California.

We’re offering free shipping on the entire Hitman range.  Order today for same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee.

The Keg Inline Perc Recycler Rig - Gravity Hill Glass

Also new in is the insanely beautiful collection from Gravity Hill Glass.  Again, this range is hand made in California by a small, dedicated team.  Top quality borosilicate glass is used in every piece to ensure ultimate strength and heat resistance.  The Gravity Hill range features advanced scientific designs with integrated percolators working in tandem with recycler systems to produce glass worthy of the most discerning smoker.  Again, each piece is subject to our free shipping offer and can be shipped same-day on orders placed before 4:20pm GMT.

Buy scientific American glass dab rigs from EDIT – The world’s largest headshop.

World Class Glass: Amsterdam Glassworx Hits The Big Time

Over recent months, Team EDIT have been travelling the globe, visiting trade shows and glass exhibitions looking for exceptional quality glass to bring back to the site for you guys to enjoy.

Our journey of discovery has given us a rare insight into the workings of the burgeoning glass industry; an industry that is surely set to expand further as heady decoration and scientific designs become more readily available and crucially, more affordable.

Sherlock Helio Pipe with Dichroic Swirl - Aqua

There are a lot of small, artisan glass studios that have emerged in the last few years as discerning smokers seek ever more complex glass designs to enhance their collection.

Without question, our favourite of these smaller glass studios is Amsterdam Glassworx – the home of the delightfully ebullient American lampworker, Chris Rawkins.

Chris has been working with glass for many years.  He learned his craft under the tutelage of Amsterdam’s Cannabis College, and picked up a Cannabis Cup award for Best Glass while honing his skills as a worker for Shiva Glass.

Amsterdam Glassworx - Glass Slide Bowl Switch Back Cloudy SkyAmsterdam Glassworx - Coloured Glass Dabber NecklaceAmsterdam Glassworx - Dutch Crown Male Domeless Nail

When Chris decided to launch his own glass company, setting up shop in the beautiful city of Amsterdam with all her seductive charms was a bit of a no-brainer.  Chris has a deep love for the city, and European culture in general.  So, around two years ago, Amsterdam Glassworx was born and Chris started producing hand-pulled glass in his own designs.  The glass was met with enthusiastic approval.  The natural fusion of quality American craftsmanship and European elegance was a breath of fresh air to connoisseur collectors.  Here at EDIT, we quickly snapped up the full Glassworx range.  It flew off of our shelves and continues to be a top seller today.

Amsterdam Glassworx - Dab Rig Switch Back Steel Wool

In recent months, Chris has been busy creating the second instalment of the Glassworx collection which includes beautiful recycler bubblers, pendants, quartz nails and gorgeous glass dabbing tools.  He is incredibly proud of his latest creations, and understandably so:  We ran into Chris at the DNA Genetics booth at the Spannabis hemp fair in Barcelona back in March this year.  DNA Genetics were displaying the latest Amsterdam Glassworx range on their own stand. 

This exposure from DNA Genetics brought the Amsterdam Glassworx range to the attention of thousands of potential new customers – a move that saw his glass sell out well before the show was over.

The full Amsterdam Glassworx range is currently available to buy from EDIT – the world’s largest headshop.  Don’t miss your chance to pick up an Amsterdam Glassworx piece and experience the quality for yourself.  We offer free shipping on orders over £99, super secure packaging, same-day dispatch and our famous price match guarantee that ensures you’ll always pay the lowest prices at EDIT.

Hang Time – Get The Most From Your Magic Flight Launch Box

The Magic Flight Launch Box, or MFLB, as it has become affectionately known, is a tried and tested portable vaporizer that has been popular for a number of years.

Launch Box Cherry - Magic Flight

The MFLB has been a top seller here at EDIT since its launch:  vaping connoisseurs love the simple functionality, excellent build quality and pure, clean flavours.  When Magic Flight launched their new concentrate box vaporizer – the Muad Dib – last year, it was again met with universal approval from the vaping community.

Magic Flight Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Vaporizer - Walnut

Now, Magic Flight have released a full range of optional extras and attachments to help you get even more vaping pleasure from your MFLB or Muad Dib.

Maple Orbiter - Magic Flight

The Orbiter from Magic Flight is a glass bubbler attachment that connects directly to the MFLB and allows you to combine the cooling filtration properties of a waterpipe with the full flavoured hit of an elite vaporizer.  The integrtated diffuser downstem inside the main chamber of the Orbiter breaks up smoke into finer particles, increasing the surface area and rapidly cooling down the hit when you inhale.

The MFLB Orbiter comes with two specially designed whips or hoses – one for connecting the MFLB and one to use as a mouthpiece.  This is a quality attachment from Magic Flight, available in genuine maple wood to match your MFLB.

Launch Box Herbal Concentrate Trays - Magic Flight

If you already own the MFLB vaporizer, but want to start to vaporize waxy oils and concentrates, you may not necessarily need to buy the Muad-Dib.  Magic Flight have released these specially designed concentrate trays which are compatible with the original Launch Box.  As well as a handy concentrate jar, the skillet kit comprises two skillets – one made of stainless steel which is for use with concentrates which do not fully liquefy.  The second is made from steel and quartz and can be used with full-melt extracts.  Magic Flight state that the concentrate trays work best in the MFLB when combined with a hose or whip attachment.

We stock a huge range of vaporizer parts and accessories for many different model of vaporizer.  Why not view our complete selection, so you can pick the add-on that’s right for you?

Win A Lion Glass Oil Rig With EDIT’s New Easter Bunny Hunt

Easter is on the way, EDIT-Heads, and we’re celebrating with another fantastic competition for all our customers!


We’re giving away this amazing one-of-a-kind Space Case Rig from our friends at Lion Glass!  We met Scott and the team from Lion Glass while we were at some of the big American glass shows earlier in the year.  Straight away, we loved their insane, heady designs and quality craftsmanship, and we knew we had to grab some of this glass for the site.


The competition piece is a hand-made Space Case glass oil rig, made by Lion Glass in their Denver studios.  At just 15cm in height, this diminutive oil bubbler is small enough to be used as a travel piece.  The piece is lavishly decorated with round glass appendages which house discs of shimmering, dichroic glass.  This gorgeous little bubbler comes complete with a glass concentrate nail and a bespoke glass vapour dome with yet more dichroic glass decoration.  A genuine hand-made art glass piece from this talented, emerging glass studio.


For your chance to win, you’ll need to solve clues and riddles in our new competition: Elma Budd’s Easter Bunny Hunt.  Solve 4 clues to help Elma Budd find the location of Easter bunnies that are hidden all over our website.  Each bunny will reveal a new riddle to lead you to the next stage.  When you’ve found the final bunny, you can submit your competition entry.  Entries are limited to one per email address.  The competition closes at 5pm GMT on Easter Sunday 5th April 2015.  We’ll pick a winner at random and announce the result on Tuesday 7th April on our social media channels.

Good luck everyone – here’s your first clue:

Like Ricky Hatton or Bret Hart

This glass is a work of art

To find the first rabbit

Hunt the rig it inhabits

______ is where you must start

Team EDIT At Spannabis – Sunday – Day 3

Episode 3/3 – Adiós Y Gracias

So, the final day of Spannabis 2015 is upon us.  Sunday is traditionally the day of huge price reductions as stall holders attempt to clear their stock to avoid having to ship it all home again.

Sunday is also the day of the award ceremonies, which were held at 7pm on the outdoor stage.  DNA Genetics’ Tangie clinched top spot again – Team EDIT were so impressed with the Tangie we even bought T-shirts to honour this most special of sativas.

Before leaving the show, we had a final walk around just in case we had missed anything: we had.  We ran into the guys from Nexus Glass and saw their superb glass concentrate bubblers – stay tuned to the blog and social media for more on that very soon.

We visited the Silika Glass stand to check out their new lines; these guys have some incredible looking glass – dab rigs in the style of champagne bottles, honey bee themed oil rigs with beautifully made glass bee decorations – it’s all just so pretty.  Stay tuned to EDIT – Silika glassware coming very soon.

The evening, and indeed the whole experience was topped off by the electric atmosphere of El Clasico – FC Barcelona v Real Madrid, which just happened to coincide with the last day of Spannabis.

The bars and restaurants of the city were humming with excitement as football mad Spaniards enjoyed the world’s biggest club game.

Like so much else this week, Barcelona emerged victorious.  An incredible event, by incredible people in an incredible city.  We can’t wait for Spannabis 2016!

Team EDIT At Spannabis – Saturday – Day 2

Episode 2 – Diversión Con La Familia

A little foggy-headed from Friday evening’s exertions, we left the hotel this morning to take in more of Spannabis 2015.

As soon as we arrived we could tell it was even busier!  There are thousands of people here today, milling around as booth holders offer them samples and freebie goodies.  We even saw a couple of stalls with pay-to-play prize wheels which seemed very popular.

Today, we’ll be looking at glass.  We already bumped into Martin Birzle from Roor who has teamed up with the guys from Sublimator on a booth.  The demo Sublimators with Roor glass are simply awesome pieces of kit – safe to say Team EDIT are big fans.

We hung out some more with Chris from Amsterdam Glassworx who is displaying his glass at the DNA Genetics booth – he showed us his new range of mini recycler bubblers and quartz concentrate nails – we think it’s his best work yet, so stay tuned to the newsletter and social media for more info on that very soon.

Aside from the obvious, the thing we noticed most after spending a day or so at Spannabis 2015, is an overwhelming sense of solidarity.  Although unspoken, it is as if by simply entering the event you have joined a club.  A club where everyone is cool, everyone laughs and crucially, everyone does it.  We like it here.  We like it a lot.

Tonight promises to be another lively one – the beautiful city of Barcelona and her nightlife beckon, and Spannabis’ revellers are happy to oblige.  We don’t know where we’re going, but we know it’s gonna be fun!

Adios until tomorrow, EDIT-Heads.

Team EDIT At Spannabis – Friday – Day 1

Episode 1/3 – Bienvenidos a Barcelona

Team EDIT arrived in Barcelona around lunchtime on Thursday.  After checking in to the hotel, we headed straight to Fira de Cornella – the enormous exhibition centre that is home to Spannabis 2015 – to meet our buddies who were setting up their booths in readiness for the opening day.

We lent a hand, helping some of the exhibitors set up stall and caught up with some old friends.  There is a staggering amount of work that goes into putting on events of the size of Spannabis, and it was fascinating to get a perspective from behind-the-scenes.

The following morning, and huge queues of visitors snaked their way around outside the arena.  The crowds were entertained by a live street band as they patiently waited to pick up their entry wristbands and gain access to the event.  To a mammoth roar from the crowd, a little after 11am, Spannabis 2015 was officially open for business and the fun could begin.

Right from the start, we need to explain the sheer scale of this event: Spannabis is huge.  We’ve been here the last few years, but the 2015 set-up is easily the largest that the event has ever been.

The exhibition is set over 3 main spaces: two massive marquees and the main exhibition centre hall – which as previously mentioned, is enormous.  In the middle of all three exhibition spaces is a sprawling courtyard, filled with some pretty awesome catering concessions, lots of seating, bars, and an outdoor stage with live acts playing all day long.  What’s not to like?

The Spannabis expo is essentially a Who’s Who of the cannabis and hemp industry.  It would be easier for us to tell you who isn’t here than list all the exhibitors.  We wandered around and drank in the atmosphere:  We saw Crockett of Crockett Family Farms with his wife at the DNA Genetics stand – this is the guy who bred Tangie!  We talked with him for a good while and found out all about Tangie and his other awesome strains.  We hung out with Chris from Amsterdam Glassworx who gave us some cool glass dabbers that he’d brought for promotion.  We chatted with Andrew – the guy behind the Puff-It range of vaporizers.  He demonstrated his new Puff-It 2 vaporizer and we were very impressed.  Stay tuned to the blog and our social media channels for more news on that very soon.

The evening saw a whole bunch of us head to a lovely seafood restaurant at Port Olimpico for a celebratory dinner and a few well-earned cervezas.  Spannabis 2015 looks like a triumph and it’s only just begun.  Bring on tomorrow…….