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Search for www.EveryoneDoesIt.com in the Facebook search option (including the www).

Stop the press! We have a new Facebook page! Search for www.EveryoneDoesIt.com (entered into the Facebook search, including the www). We’d quite like to point one or two of you ‘young people’ in the direction of the new page as there is going to be another giveaway similar to the recent First 50 Twitter Followers giveaway very soon. It will be exclusively for fans of the EDIT Facebook page.

This time it will be 10 or so prizes to hand out among the first 50 fans of the new www.EveryoneDoesIt.com Facebook Page.

Join us! And together we will rule the galaxy!

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42 thoughts on “EDIT Facebook Fan Page”

  1. Hey edit, is the new fanpage up, haven’t been able to find it on face book, just the old one and an unofficial one (i think)

    Maybe you could drop is a link


  2. I think I was number 4 or something, not that it matters really lol 🙂

    Cheers EDIT, awesome of you to do this! 🙂 x

  3. Fan 34 🙂

    I have a question for the competition, how do you know which person on facebook has which account on the actual website? Hoping to win some of those goodies!!

  4. @Stoned_Finn: We’ll probably just give each FB fan a number, draw the numbers to decide the prizes, then let you know with a message on FB. We could even distribute the numbers like raffle tickets (in messages), so you know your number and can watch the video draw with mild excitement.

  5. Yeah was wondering that too, thats a good idea Mr. Editor, distributing numbers through fb messages to the first 50 members. then picking them out.

  6. Oh maybe i could be #1 for the New Year ROFLMAO. ;)P~


    Thanks E.D.I.T. for all the great products and giveaways!!!

  7. havent been on here in a grip im on face book joined as a fan and as a friend i no im not 1 of the 1st 50 but can u give me a break edit ive spent mad time and money with u guys so hook it up merry axemas and traSH NEW YEAR

  8. i dont think this ever went anywhere bc everyone at edit prolly got ridiculous on new years eve as well as all the snow they’ve had there

  9. EDIT is great, always got my order in good condition on time and the care package was awesome TY edit

  10. i know they are i just meant that they got slammed by the new years and the weather…ive never had any troubles and my orders usually arrive early

  11. It got taken down by the FB authorities. We are going to start a new page, though it will be low key and not as active as we had hoped the last one could be.

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